Sunlight streamed through my windows and I was bathed in its warmth. The little birdies sang a merry tune and kindly asked me to open my eyes so I wouldn’t miss out on this perfect day. Today I was to be married to the kind and noble King Robin Hood of Sherwood Forrest. I knew Robin and I would be equally pleased with each other and the setting couldn’t be more perfect. My wedding dress was made of silk and had a white tulle material over it. In the tulle material were tiny little pearls. My sleeves were elbow length and the edges had little pearls stitched into them. My veil was a layer upon layers of Belgian lace with even more little pearls. My favorite part of my wedding attire was my glass slippers. My perfect little glass slippers to make the wedding even more magnificent and on top of it all I was at last allowed to wear Mother’s diamond tiara upon my copper curls.


9. Her Royal Highness Princess Emerald Rose Hood

Four weeks later I woke up to the cries of my daughter. Emerald Rose was a handful but I loved my little princess. She had the most wonderful blue eyes and perfect red curls just like her momma. When she was born all I could wonder was whether she was magical or not. A few days later I found out that she had little blue sparks from her fingertips and she could vanish into a cloud of green smoke when mad at me. I had to cuff her with a tiny cuff. Regina and I had gotten along long enough to make it. Emerald Rose was so tiny and so wonderful. I couldn’t believe that Robin and I had made such a perfect specimen.

Emerald Rose had blue eyes like her father and she had my red curls. Her skin was a light caramel color with a sprinkle of freckles across her nose. Directly behind her left ear was a red birthmark. Her birthmark looked like a red blob from the distance but when you examined it closure it was the shape of a crown. Her birthmark was the mark of a true princess, a reigning queen and the mark of a magician. I had the exact same birthmark but mine was concealed under my gowns and garments. Regina had the birthmark of a princess but hers was a lighter pink color, which meant she was a true princess but would never become queen.

I lifted Emerald out of her silver crib and cradled her fragile body in my arms. I wore a sapphire blue dress and my curls cascaded down my back. Emerald was wearing a tiny pink silk nightdress and her curls went perfectly against them. I sat down in the old oak chair and rocked her back and forth slowly to sleep because the sun was not yet peeking over the horizon. Later that day Regina and Robin would be married and I would watch my husband exchange vows with his lover and my sister.

Regina’s wedding gown waited for her presence in my royal dressing room. It was floor length and the train was ten feet long. Her dress was plain white and made out of satin. Her dress wasn’t as complicated as mine nor was it as expensive because Regina believed that since she wasn’t to be queen, she didn’t think it was appropriate to outshine her sister’s big day at her own big day. I didn’t want Robin to marry her anymore, I wanted Robin and I to raise our daughter with no collateral damage at the side. I wanted Emerald Rose to grow up in a happy home with the perfect throne and the perfect little life. Rose wasn’t going to get her perfect little life because in a few hours she would have a stepmommy marrying her daddy and mommy would be holding her and watching.  I held her in my arms and wondered about all the questions she would have when she got older, I wouldn’t know what to say.

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