Sunlight streamed through my windows and I was bathed in its warmth. The little birdies sang a merry tune and kindly asked me to open my eyes so I wouldn’t miss out on this perfect day. Today I was to be married to the kind and noble King Robin Hood of Sherwood Forrest. I knew Robin and I would be equally pleased with each other and the setting couldn’t be more perfect. My wedding dress was made of silk and had a white tulle material over it. In the tulle material were tiny little pearls. My sleeves were elbow length and the edges had little pearls stitched into them. My veil was a layer upon layers of Belgian lace with even more little pearls. My favorite part of my wedding attire was my glass slippers. My perfect little glass slippers to make the wedding even more magnificent and on top of it all I was at last allowed to wear Mother’s diamond tiara upon my copper curls.


11. Guilt

I heard a knock on the door and stepped off my pedestal where my ladies so fetchingly were fixing a tear in my dress. I opened the door and Robin stood there with Emerald Rose in his arms. Robin wore his black and white crown on his head and he wore a red tuxedo with a white tie and white ornaments. I laughed, no matter how hard we tried we always color coordinated. I let him in and took Emerald from his arms. I dismissed my ladies and poured us both a cup of wine. He seemed worried as I came back from placing Emerald in her playpen. Robin had a look of seasickness on his face. He was pale and slightly grey.

“Robin what ever is the matter?”

He looked at me with his blue eyes, the same eyes I stared into when I held Emerald Rose earlier this morning. His brown hair was slicked back with water and his rough beard made me tingle with little electricity of love. I was madly in love with him and yet he was marrying my sister shortly after marrying me. He drank all his wine and began to speak with his strong voice.

“I can not help but feel guilty about marrying your sister. Zelena, I no longer love her and yet I do not want to break her heart. I know she loves me but I do not love her. I love you with every drop of blood in my body. I cannot marry Regina today. It is a lie and I live by a code every single day of my life.”

“Robin, it’s not my choice it’s yours. You marry her if you want and don’t marry her if you don’t want too. I’m not going to make the decision for you because I am your wife and your friend but listen to your heart. Listen to the beating of your chest, think of all the good times and the bad. Marry her or don’t. No matter what you have Rose and me. Marry her if your heart tells you too.”

We sat in silence before Emerald Rose began her inconsistent wailing. She would wail and cry and giggle at random for hours at a time if I didn’t go rescue her. She was definitely a princess and she would become a good queen. I kissed Robin’s cheek and let him think in silence as I ran to Emerald’s aide and actually examined her dress for the first time. No wonder she was crying. Emma was a new nursemaid and I forgot to tell her that Emerald was severely allergic to wool, satin, and polyester.  Emerald was wearing an emerald green dress with a rose colored ribbon in her hair. Her outfit certainly fit her name but not her body. She was a fussy baby. I quickly cast a spell to change her satin garments to silk and spread cream on her body so the itching would go away.

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