Soft Spot

❝Because when you think everything is going right, things always have to make their turns just to mess everything up.❞


A story in which the sarcastic bitch collides with the egocentric asshole.

A story in which even the ones you hold dear to your heart could be the ones to stab you as soon as you have your back turned.

A story of trust and loyalty - follow Arvina Erikson's journey as she discovers the trials and tribulations of young love with Zander Maz, the guy that would teach her what it really means to fall in love, and to open up again even after you've had your trust broken.


This story may contain vulgar language and mature content.
© 2017 | Aeanne. // peachienixie. | All Rights Reserved.


1. Prologue

England is the prettiest when it's mid-August; the weather temperature is always near twenty-degrees-Celsius (which is sixty-degrees-Fahrenheit), so it's not too cold, but not too hot either. Of course, it also rains from time to time, but we get six hours of sunshine everyday. It's also when the leaves start to show signs of turning into different colors of brown, yellow, and red, welcoming our lovely friend, Autumn, with a cheerful embrace.

I spent the summer in New York. A cousin of mine, Leah, lives there, and she's an American Apparel catalogue model. She'd been working on this project that she'd like to call The Feminist Apparel, but her dog went through a surgery for some kind of tumor she couldn't explain a few days before; she begged me to come and take care of the poor thing while he was healing, so that she doesn't have to miss the shoot. She refused to give up her spot to Jenna McGaurthy because there was "no way in the icy pits of Alaska will I let Jenna McGaurthy take that from me, so you must!" So after leaving me ten voicemails and buying the plane ticket for me without even consulting me first, I was off to New York before I knew it. The photoshoot took longer than I expected, however. I expected to be there for a week and go back to England as immediate as possible because school was starting for me soon, and I couldn't afford missing my first day as a Year 13 student - finally - at Woodrose Secondary School.

If you were expecting that I lived in a really cool place (like London) when I first mentioned England, let me tell you now that you're completely wrong. I live in a tiny town called Woodrose, just right above Cheshire. Although it's quite invisible and many non-Englanders go "What is that?" every time I mention that I'm from Woodrose, I love it more than anything in the world as I grew up here with my best friend in the whole entire universe, Brielle Carina.

Woodrose, England is a little suburban town with about five private schools and ten public schools in total, three hospitals, and more than enough amount of malls and housing communities. Woodrose Secondary School is one of the ten public schools, and it was built from the moment that Woodrose became a town; Woodrose Secondary School is where I spent seven torturous years of my life because of the WSS varsity jocks who only ever referred to themselves as Woodrose Warriors (like the school’s spirit name) for whatever reason: Luca Jax, Louis Stephan, Edward Stonem, and Alfie James, with the skankiest fabulous five who labeled themselves as the Woodrose Angels: Alizia Greene, Amber Locks, Angela Maurice, Genie George, and Katelyn Knowles - and with that, I'm honestly the happiest person on Earth because this is my last year.

I'll give you a list of reasons as to why those nine idiots are gross and shouldn't even be thought about because they probably tried a ninesome before, but it would need eighteen trillion stacks of paper and an infinite ink pen. (Don't worry though, just keep reading and you'll understand where I'm coming from.)

As I walked to the front steps of WSS for my last first day, I felt a lump in my throat, and the pancakes and eggs that I had this morning danced a little twirl in my stomach. I've never been this nervous about entering the school before, but for some reason, my guts yelled that today is going to be significant and for that, I can't screw up.

I made my way to my locker to fish out the Advanced Psychology textbook that Brielle checked out for me from the library on the first day (I know, she's the best, isn't she?) as it was my first class, according to the schedule that WSS mailed to my house a few weeks before I got back from New York, and shoved the book into my backpack with some pens and paper to write with.

"There she is!" I heard a cheerful glee behind me, making me turn around with a bright smile. It was Brielle, of course. You could always hear her energy and enthusiasm thirty miles away. It was actually always a wonder why she was not a cheerleader; she took up art and drama instead. "Well, well, Little Miss Arvina, a little late this year, aren't we?"

I laughed before throwing my arms around her and squeezing her into a tight embrace. "Oh, shut up. Did you miss me?" I actually missed her so much, we didn’t really have time to meet and catch up when I got back from New York as she’s already slumped with projects for art club.

"Not a second went by that I didn't cry over the fact that my best friend is halfway across the world from me." She squeezed me tighter than I did to her, and pouted playfully when we finally let go of each other.

"I missed you too," I laughed and poked the small freckle on her button nose, “so much, actually. I couldn’t bear living with the fact that my best friend was halfway across the world from me either.”

"Little Miss Arvina!" Another bright welcome came from behind Brielle - Joshua Elix, her kind-of-boyfriend. It's complicated and confusing, so I'm not even going to try to explain; long story short, they act like they're a couple, but Brielle swears that they're not. "You're finally back." He grinned at me, giving me a quick hug before wrapping his arms around Brielle's waist.

"Yeah, I know it was hell for you two without me here," I joked, "what with all the French kissing you got to do because I wasn't here to feel like an awkward third-wheel."

"Arvina!" Brielle gasped, blushing subtly, but I just laughed.

"We can chat more later.” I ignored her little gasp because I was sure I was not going to hear the end of it later anyway. “I'll tell you all about New York during lunch, because right now, Ms. Jean The Attendance Lady is giving us the mean eyes, so we have to go to class." I hugged them both again before leaving and heading to my first class. You never want to be late when you're the newbie in the class because it makes this creepy scene where everyone stares at you as if you've just poisoned their loved ones.


Advanced Psychology, the class that I thought would be really interesting, turned out to be such a drag that I actually almost texted Leah and beg her to take me back to New York. And, get this, I have the one and only Alfie James in that class, who stared at me half the class period, and I wasn't even late. It’s true that his crowd never exactly got along with my crowd, but I don’t understand why he felt the need to stare me was actually sort of creepy.

My second class was Calculus, in which I had Edward Stonem, and it was a complete drag too because the teacher, Madame Prefè, talked like the Google Translate Lady. Seriously, was my counselor trying to set me up for shooting myself this year?

My third class was European History, which actually was not that bad because Mr. Craiton somehow made social studies enjoyable. I didn't have a fourth class because I was ahead of my credits, so I get to have a study hall, which is basically just an hour of not doing anything; technically, you are supposed to work on your homeworks during this hour, but honestly, what student actually does their homework?

Lunch started after study hall (or the fourth class for some people), and I headed to the dining hall before it became extremely crowded. I spotted Brielle easily, holding hands with Joshua, who waved at me as soon as he spotted me. I walked to their direction and after getting our lunch, we sat at our usual table by the soda machine, the same table we've spent lunch at since Year 9.

"Hey! How'd you like your classes?" Brielle smiled cheerfully - she was always the cheerful one - and bit down on a baby carrot after dipping it into ranch.

"Not so much," I scoffed, "I have the Fourth Ass in my first class, the Third Ass in my second."

If you're wondering, the pecking order of the wonderful, wonderful Woodrose Warriors (or the Jock Army as Brielle and I have called them since first meeting them during Year 7) would be: Luca Jax as the First Ass, Louis Williams as the Second Ass, Edward Stonem as the Third Ass, and Alfie James as the Fourth Ass.

"Aw, Peach Pie," Brielle pouted. Peach Pie. She always had funny little nicknames for her friends, one time I was Kiwi. "I'd love to enlighten you with some good news, but I can only bring horror." I looked at her intently while she leaned on the table so that her face was closer to mine, before whispering, "there's a new member of the Jock Army."

"As if we needed another one." I scoffed and rolled my eyes. "Who's the fifth one?"

"Zander Maz," Joshua answered, nudging me to look at the Jock Army's table, "he transferred here from Bradford. They said he's been expelled from three schools over there, and his Mum's had enough, so they sent him here. Figured he'd do good with his childhood best friend," he nodded at Luca Jax's direction, "I almost feel bad at how wrong they are."

"Honestly, they're no good." Brielle frowned, even though we have a little secret that no one else knows: she had the biggest crush on Luca Jax during Year 9. She would never actually admit this to anyone, even though everyone in our small circle of friends knew.

I looked at their table, where a new member was sitting, laughing, but less obnoxious than the rest. He was nearly gorgeous, I'm embarrassed to admit, with his prominent jaws and cheekbones, gelled dark brown hair, and the famous Woodrose Warriors exclusive varsity jacket with the initials ZM on it. He caught me looking at him and smiled, and I couldn't help but smile back. I felt my stomach do a weird tumble, and I had to stop my breath from hitching. What the hell is going on with you, Arvina?

"The Fifth Ass is actually kind of cute." I quietly admitted, not only surprising them, but also myself. When I met Brielle’s piercing eyes, I knew that I wasn’t thinking to myself like I thought that I was.

“They're pathetic!” Brielle protested before looking at the loud group’s table and rolling her eyes. She gave the kind of stare that would shoot daggers at your soul; we called this the Carina Stare as her mother and grandmother both give off the same stares. “And if you ever mention about how cute the Fifth Ass is again, or anything related to that, I would kick you so hard that Emma freaking Watson would feel it,” she squinted at me, and I was almost actually scared, “and we don't want to hurt poor Emma now, so keep your mouth shut and mind off him."

I remembered having this same talk with her nearly four years ago: "Brielle, I've known you for ages, and let me tell you now that Jax is no good and he's completely pathetic. I'm not scolding you on who to like, but guys like that - guys with eyes like his, guys with that hotshot wannabe attitude, they're all the same. And what's worst with that idiot is, he's just a pathetic dumbass who plays and plays and plays, with hearts. He's nothing close to that reckless little brat that he claims he is, he's just a silly little boy who's trying to revolt against his rich parents by acting like an ass, and like I said, pathetic. I can't keep you from liking him, you know, I'm just worried." That was my exact speech to her, one night, while we were sitting on the swing at her porch. Of course, she didn't really stop liking him until we met Joshua, because the flaws I pointed out happened to actually be the reason why she even liked Luca Jax in the first place.

"I was just pointing something out, it's not like I'm going to sleep with him." I told her, but she just shrugged and gave me a serious look. I shrugged back nonchalantly before drifting into looking at the Jock Army's table again and locking eyes with the Fifth Ass for the second time.

For whatever reason, my stomach did another weird tumble, and my gut reminded me again that this year is going to be a significant, turning point in my life.

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