Soft Spot

❝Because when you think everything is going right, things always have to make their turns just to mess everything up.❞


A story in which the sarcastic bitch collides with the egocentric asshole.

A story in which even the ones you hold dear to your heart could be the ones to stab you as soon as you have your back turned.

A story of trust and loyalty - follow Arvina Erikson's journey as she discovers the trials and tribulations of young love with Zander Maz, the guy that would teach her what it really means to fall in love, and to open up again even after you've had your trust broken.


This story may contain vulgar language and mature content.
© 2017 | Aeanne. // peachienixie. | All Rights Reserved.


5. {4}

I received a text from Luca that tells me to meet up with him and "the crew" - consisting of Edward, Louis, Alfie, and the self-proclaimed Angels that are Alizia, Angela, Katelyn, and Genie - at Lounge 207, a popular club just outside of Woodrose around seven o'clock tonight. We had a football practice after school at five o'clock, so I groaned at the message because I knew that I was going to be sore and I will not have fun at all, not to mention the fact that I'd only have about half an hour to take a shower so I could take the sweaty and musky scent of being a football player out of my body and put something decent on that doesn't proclaim the fact that I was in a rush.


After we got out of practice, I quickly took a shower and rinsed all of my sweat off, and put a white v neck on with the same jeans that I wore for school today, and headed right out to drive to Lounge 207 with my windows down because I do enjoy Woodrose's autumn breeze. I turned the radio on to the sports channel to listen to the recent football finals with Woodrose Raiders against Doncaster Rovers because I knew that I wasn't going to be able to watch it tonight even if Gaston - our family's butler that technically raised my sister and I - remembered to record it for me, but I couldn't even focus at the commentators because the annoying nagging in my head that I've had all day won't shut up.


After I had the immature dispute with Arvina where she basically accused me of being a no good fuck boy and an annoying little prick who won't leave her alone, I couldn't stop thinking about her. It was amusing how frustrated she could get; she would scrunch her nose in annoyance, huff a heavy breath out from her thin lips, push her long brown hair away from her face, and shoot me a glare from those big brown eyes that I found myself staring at, and as long as I could get her to retaliate to keep getting these captivating responses, I was determined not to stop.


Call me a smitten idiot, but I was - unfortunately and honestly really far from being voluntary - forming a soft spot for Woodrose Secondary's innocent snow angel. I found myself wanting to protect her even though she has made it sheer obvious to me that she didn't want anything to do with me or my group of friends, which is understandable because I wouldn't want anything to do with my group of friends either if it wasn't for Luca. She had her reasons, I suppose, but it wasn't fair that she carved me in her head as some notorious and egotistic asshole without even hearing me out or looking at things from my point of view, so I gave myself a mission: I was going to show Ms. Arvina Erikson who Zander Maz really is.


"Zaaaaanie!" A cacophonous screech welcomed me as soon as I parked, making wish I'd left my windows up. It was the no other Alizia Greene, escorted by Amber and Katelyn who were following suit behind her. Genie, I'm guessing, is already inside where she's having a tongue war with Louis, and Angela, of course, would be dry fucking Edward.


I wasn't too fond of them, but for Luca's sake, and out of respect, I play nice and welcomed Alizia with a big embrace when I'd left my car. "How are ya, babe?" I smiled, kissing her cheek and waving at Amber and Katelyn, who giggled for no reason before waving back.


"Great now that you're here!" She shouted over the loud music as soon as we entered the club. Intoxicated bodies crowded the dance floor and it was hard to see which way is which from the fog machine and the added smoke that the people smoking were contributing. "Dance with me!" She shouted again, already pulling me into the dance floor without even letting me have a drink first.


"Get me drunk first!" I teased, smirking. She took it as a challenge as she led me to the big booth that our friends were sitting at excluding Luca and Alfie, empty bottles of booze and shot glasses scattered on the table. As I guessed, Genie was getting drunk off of her boyfriend's mouth and Angela was sitting on Edward's lap with her arms across his neck, cheering as he chugged down a whole bottle of vodka just as it is.


"Bottoms up!" Edward smirked drunkenly as if he was proud of himself after finishing the bottle, slamming it on the table but careful not to break it. "Zan, mate, you made it!"


"Despite being late." Louis laughed sarcastically. "We said seven, not seven-thirty."


"I'm only a couple minutes late, and you're all already too drunk for me to even handle," I shot back and rolled my eyes, "and it's not seven-thirty, it's only seven-fifteen, fix your watch."


"Potato tomato," the boy rolled his eyes, "fact is, you're late."


"Zan!" Luca grinned from ear to ear when he spotted me as he was approaching our table, two unknown girls sandwiching him between them. "Sit, come on, tonight we're having fun!" His Irish accent get more prominent when he's drunk, and so I couldn't help but laugh because Irishman Luca is always a funny thing to me. His family is of Irish descent, so alcohol practically runs in their veins, but Luca surprisingly cannot take alcohol well; it has always been a Jax Family joke that he was adopted.


"Actually, I think you've had too much," I laughed, "where's Alfie? Called a Code Lacey?"


"Out with Lacey, it's their anniversary," he shook his head disapprovingly albeit the smile playing across his face, "man, that lad's whipped!"


Lacey Evans is Alfie's girlfriend, and they have been together for four years - well five now, according to Luca. She skipped Year 6 for being smarter than us (except for Alfie as he had the opportunity to skip Year 12 and advance into uni, but he rejected the offer because he didn't want to miss out on playing varsity football for his twelfth year), so she is now a college student at University of London, which resulted to her and Alfie only seeing each other once awhile since London is at least a three hour drive from Woodrose. So when they do have the opportunity to see each other, they immediately drop the whole world and go for it, and we understood this each time. We call it Code Lacey.


Alizia handed me a shot glass and even though I didn't know what was in it - an unsafe practice, if I do say so myself - I chugged it down with a single swift. The idiots I call my friends cheered and handed me more shots, which I took every single time. By the time it was already nine o'clock, we were all beyond drunk. We were shit faced, and all of us are going to regret it when the morning comes and we're forced to go to school because our parents are not supposed to know that we were drinking on a school night. They'd all always been shamelessly careless when it came to us drinking albeit not being in the right age, as long as we did it over the weekends.


"So what's this deal with Arvina?" I heard Edward cough out after chugging down another bottle of some alcohol that is completely unknown to me, making my head shoot up to face him.


"Why are we talking about her?" Alizia pouted before sitting on my lap and wrapping her arms around my neck. "You don't like her, Zanie, do you?" She narrowed her eyes, her girl pals watching me intently as if my answer would really matter to them - and it would, but still, it's none of their business.


"I don't even know her," I rolled my eyes, "so there's no 'deal', whatever that means."


"Yeah?" Luca grinned while patting my back. "I call bullshit on that." He looked at me seriously before pointing at everyone and laughing. "This moron wouldn't stop talking about her ever since she confronted him, made worse the second time she told him off."


"He wasn't even focused during practice," Edward decided to chip in, "I beeeet-" he paused to grin at me, "I bet he was thinking about his Arviiinaaa." His playful tone made me laugh, shaking my head and rolling my eyes at how drunk he is. How could someone be drunk enough to think I'm crazy about someone I don't even really know about other than the fact that she's one sarcastic bitch?


"Zan and Arvina sitting on a tree," Louis sing sang, rocking his body back and forth while downing a bottle of beer down, "you all know what's next." He said with a more serious tone, winking at me. I jokingly gagged before smacking the back of his head.


They all roared with laughter except for Alizia, who was still sitting on my lap and pouting. She kissed my cheek before getting up hastily and going to the dance floor with a random stranger, downing a shot of gin before she walked away from us.


"Seems like someone's jealous," Edward teased, "oooh, Zanie's caught himself in a bit of a love triangle, didn't he?"


"You're all a dumbass." I rolled my eyes at them before following Alizia to make sure that she doesn't get herself into trouble. Intoxication plus pretty does not go well. Lounge 207 is popular for having lads that take advantage of whoever drunk lass they could attach themselves onto, and I would feel like an utter shit if it was my fault that Alizia ended up in that kind of situation.


I found her easily; she was grinding on a built, muscular guy who looks bloodthirsty and would devour her at any given moment. I got in between them, earning a scoff from the guy, but I just ignored him and took Alizia to the side. She looked confused for a second before I held her closer to me and began to sway my hips.


"I don't dance," I whispered into her ears, "but I was promised a dance earlier, and if you think you'd get away with breaking your promise, then you're wrong."


"Just follow my lead." She smirked, wrapping her arms around my neck again and putting my hands on her hips. She started grinding and I followed her, letting the beat of the music and the alcohol in our veins take us away.


Our movements made me feel all hot and sweaty. She was tugging on my hair as she was grinding on me, and I kept my hands on her hips, which lowered down to where I was cupping her bum. She kissed my neck and nibbled a little, making me hiss and close my eyes. She knew what she was doing, and I knew what I was doing, and it was wrong to be labeled as one of Lounge 207's infamous boys, but goddamn when you have a beautiful girl dancing on you and kissing all over your neck, it's hard to tell what's right and what's wrong.




I had no recollection of what happened next, but all I knew was that my head was spinning and I was following Alizia somewhere that I don't know, her hands gripping mine and leading the way. I followed her like an innocent puppy dog to a deluxe flat right across Lounge 207.


And with no questions asked or any other words exchanged to each other with everything happening so fast, I was in a bedroom with her and both of our clothes were off. And with everything happening so fast and being far too late to back out now, she was on all fours and I was behind her, gripping her hips and pulling her hair and having her scream my name until we both reached the feeling of ecstasy that we both sadly knew too well.


I laid beside her for quite some time, waiting for an indication that she was asleep, with my mind rushing with the words: FUCK-ZANDER-WHAT-WERE-YOU-THINKING-SHIT-YOU-NEED-TO-GET-THE-HELL-OUT-OF-HERE!


When I was sure that she was deep asleep, I picked up my clothes from the floor and just as my mind told me, I got the hell out of that flat, took my car from Lounge 207's parking lot, and drove back to Woodrose where I fell asleep within the comfort of my own bedroom, forgetting for a moment that I fucked up, and I'm wrapped in hypocrisy, and I'm one of Lounge 207's boys. It felt wrong. I felt wrong, but I was too tired to give a damn.




The next morning, I wanted to kick my own ass for even agreeing with Luca to come with them. The pounding in my head felt like there was an earthquake in my brain, and I wanted to throw up everything that I've ever consumed from the day that I was born as soon as I woke up. I'd apparently left the lights on, and the blinding fluorescent greeted me as soon as my eyes jolted open from the sounds of my alarm. At least I'd remembered to set an alarm for school.


I took the longest hot shower I've ever taken in the history of long showers ever, just standing there for awhile and letting the warmth of the water cure all of the headache away. I styled my hair as soon as I got out of the shower, put deodorant on, and threw on a random pair of jeans and a white shirt, wearing a red plaid shirt - that wasn't mine, so I'm assuming it belongs to one of the boys from one of the nights they've slept over for being too drunk to drive home - and left it unbuttoned. I studied myself in the mirror, rolling my eyes at how shitty I look, but being far too tired to care. I grabbed a random pair of white sneakers from my shoe rack and headed downstairs to have some breakfast, where I was greeted with a narrowed glare from my mum. What have I done wrong now?


"Good morning to you too." I kissed her cheek before sitting across her and starting on the blueberry pancakes. "What's got you so upset this early in the morning?"


"Zander, dear," she said condescendingly, "your father's been working really hard lately, and so have I, and I wouldn't ask you for anything big usually, because you know, your sister is there to help."


"But?" I asked, taking a bite of the pancake.


"But she's been busy with her wedding," she continued, sipping her daily dosage of black espresso, "you know, planning and all, so your father and I would greatly appreciate it if you maintain yourself at your best behavior. Understand?"


"What does Alessa's wedding have to do with me?" I frowned. "Where are you going with this, Mum? Just tell me."


"Alright," she took a heavy breath out, shaking her head. "With your father juggling three companies at once, I need you to step up your game a bit and be like your sister." She took a pause to study my face, possibly waiting for a reaction. When she failed to get any, she took another sip from her espresso and continued,  "Zander, it's very important that you learn how to manage the company because your father is assigning you as the vice president of the France branch of Marvel Aesthetics when he thinks that you're ready."


"I've known that." I said, getting impatient that she won't get to the point. Ever since I was a little kid, my dad has always promised me that I'm going to be the vice president of one of his companies, the president being Alessa, my older sister. My father is the founder and CEO of Marvel Aesthetics, a "unisex" magazine; key the quotation marks as the magazine has been widely intended for men only so far, and Alessa intends on changing that.


"Yes, very good," she nodded, "so he's sending you to Paris very soon, so that you can begin your training."


"How soon is soon, exactly?" I frowned, knowing that whenever she said soon, she either meant tomorrow or in two years, and there has never been anything in between.


"We were thinking-" she paused, frowning at my neck. "Christ, Zander, is that a hickey?"


My eyes widened, suddenly remembering last night. I scratched my neck and smiled nervously, shaking my head and getting up from the table to kiss her cheek goodbye. "I'm gonna be late, talk to you about this later." I left quickly, almost tripping at my own feet and not bothering to look back when she called for my name and declared that she wasn't finish talking.


I drove to school with my windows down because my car reeked with cigarettes and alcohol, taking a mind note to buy a car freshener before Mum decides to use my car and prove her theory right that her son is nothing but trouble.


I spotted Arvina as soon as I pulled into the parking lot. Joshua's car was parked beside my usual spot, and she was standing beside it, having a what looks like really intense conversation with Brielle, where Brielle crosses her arms and Arvina is pointing almost everywhere. I smiled to myself, finding that I really like her frustrated face. She was wearing ripped jeans with an unbuttoned blue plaid shirt above a white top, a pair of white converse, her hair parted in the middle and extending to her shoulders. When the hell did she get a haircut? I looked at what I was wearing and realized that we were matching, making me grin. I could just feel that English would be fun today.


"You and your girlfriend matched." I heard someone say behind me, making me look back and frowning when I realized that it was Alfie.


"Did they tell you already?" I rolled my eyes. "She's not my girlfriend."


"But you sure do look at her a lot and smile as if she aligned the planets for you." He chuckled. "How was last night?"


"My entire being hurts." I groaned. "Also, I might or might have not slept with Alizia."


"You what?!" His eyes widened, mouth agape in shock. "You know what that means, right? She's just gonna glue onto you more."


"Yeah," I exhaled heavily, "doesn't matter though, what's done is done. Where's everyone?"


"Luca is already inside, he said he wanted to chill in the locker room before classes start. Edward texted me and said that he was going to be late, and Louis said he might not even show up today." He said, offering me a piece of gum.


"So it's just me and you this morning, I see," I took the gum and put it in my mouth, letting the mint help shoo the headache away. "How was your date with Lacey last night?"


"Great." He smiled. "Listen, I haven't told the rest of the boys yet, but uh..." He whispered, looking suspicious.


"What's up?" I frowned, concerned and excited at the same time. Concerned because since I've met them, Alfie never tells anyone anything unless he could tell all of us at the same time, so this must be a big deal, and excited because I get to find out before anyone else.


"I'm backing out of the deal. It's not right, Zan." He shook his head and looked at me disapprovingly, waiting for answers and when he didn't get any, he just shrugged and walked inside the campus.


I followed him, not even wanting to think about the deal. I've completely forgotten all about it because I'm in a whole new mission now, and he was right that it's wrong. I desperately tried to find Luca to tell him that I wanted out of the deal too, but he was nowhere to be found. He wasn't even in the locker room where Alfie said he was.


From my desperation and from weaving through the crowd to find my dumbass best friend, I bumped into someone, making them fall to the ground. I looked down to help them but stopped when I saw who it was, grinning smugly. Arvina.


"Look where you're going, asshat." She frowned at me, helping herself up.


"You shouldn't be talking." I scoffed teasingly. "You bumped into me too."


"Alright, fair enough." She smirked, eyeing me. "Someone had a fun time." She teased, poking my neck. Since when was she allowed to poke my neck?


"That's none of your business," I caught her hand and looked her in the eye, smirking and teasing back, "unless you want it to be."


"You're literally so gross." She fake gagged, making me laugh. "As if I'd ever throw myself to someone like you. I'm not one of your whore puppets, remember?"


"I remember." I let go of her hand and turned around to walk away. My typical play-hard-to-get-behavior. "I'll talk to you later."


"Listen, uh, Maz," I heard her call back, making me turn around to look at her. I arched my brows, prompting her to continue. Oh, Miss Stay Away From My Lane called me back. This ought to be good. "I wanna apologize, okay?" She exhaled heavily, as if it was such a burden to apologize to me. "I'm not too fond of Luca's crowd, and that doesn't justify how fast I judged you. You know nothing about me, but I know nothing about you either, so I want to apologize for being such an ass to you and for being a hypocritical bitch." She looked up at me, her sincerity coating the whole atmosphere and making me feel like a complete shit for ever being mean to her and agreeing to the stupid fucking deal.


"I'd really like it if we called truce," I held my hand out to her, smiling softly.


"I'd like that too," she smiled back before shaking my hand. "Besides, how could I ever deny my wardrobe twin?" She winked and laughed before walking away from me and leaving me in pure amusement. I was amused that she noticed, and I was even more amused that she could go from being such a softy to a tease in a matter of seconds.


I watched her walked away, thinking that if there was anything right I've ever done in my life, this was it. And if there was ever anything that was missing in my life, it was Arvina Erikson, the sarcastic bitch that left a soft spot in the heart I didn't even think I had.

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