Soft Spot

❝Because when you think everything is going right, things always have to make their turns just to mess everything up.❞


A story in which the sarcastic bitch collides with the egocentric asshole.

A story in which even the ones you hold dear to your heart could be the ones to stab you as soon as you have your back turned.

A story of trust and loyalty - follow Arvina Erikson's journey as she discovers the trials and tribulations of young love with Zander Maz, the guy that would teach her what it really means to fall in love, and to open up again even after you've had your trust broken.


This story may contain vulgar language and mature content.
© 2017 | Aeanne. // peachienixie. | All Rights Reserved.


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Arvina Erikson


The crowd suddenly became tensed; while the WSS dining hall was always loud and chatty, it was suddenly as if a torpedo went by and left everyone in an eerie and uncomfortable silence from the shock and horror, and here's why: Zander Maz, the newest member of Jock Army, had left his table to come to mine, followed by Luca Jax, the First Ass, and soon all of the other jackass members of their so-called all-star football group.

"Well, guess who's back," the First Ass was the first to break the silence, knocking my food down to the ground and smirking to himself as he earned annoying snickers from the crowd. "Welcome back to Woodrose, Erikson."

"That's real juvenile even for you, Luca, and you know that." Brielle scoffed with a frown before nudging me as a sign not to pay attention to the joke right in front of us, but I wasn't having it.

"Did you miss me, Jax?" I stood up abruptly and 'accidentally' spilled Brielle's pineapple juice on his varsity jacket and smirked back, "oops..."

"You bi-" he began to retaliate, but the newest ass held him back with a sickening grin; I wanted to punch both of them in the throat.

"It's not worth it, mate, c'mon." He spoke to the blond boy in a hushed tone, his thick Bradford accent shaking the air. So he really was from Bradford.

"Whatever." The blond one huffed before glaring at his friend and walking back to their table. Once back to his table, he took off his varsity jacket and threw it at one of his little friends.

"I'm sorry about him," their newest member gave me a sympathetic smile that surprised both my small group of friends and I, "he's not like this, really." I was annoyed with how nice he was being; I was supposed to hate him because he was friends with that dumbass Jax! Why was he making it hard? "I'll buy you lunch to replace what he’d wasted, if you want." He smiled sheepishly again as he buried his hands deep in his front jean pockets, making me wonder what he ever did to get expelled from three different schools. I also wondered how he ever got stuck in a crowd like Jax’s.

"There's no need for that," I cleared the lump in my throat away, "I wasn't hungry anyway. He was doing me a favor, really.”

"I just feel bad," he shrugged, "but if you insist.” He smiled at me, brown gaze meeting mine. “My name's Zan, by the way... Zander Maz. I'm new here, but I don't think I've seen you around." He reached his hand out for me for a handshake, but I pretended that I didn't see it, making him awkwardly shove it back into his pockets again. "And you are?"

"Arvina," I spoke in a low tone, surprised that this was happening at all. How the hell was he friends with the First Ass if he was this nice? It seemed completely impossible to me. "Arvina Erikson."

"Arvi," he mumbled with a soft smile, "that's a pretty name for a pretty girl."

"Look, it's A-R-V-I-N-A." I spelled it out slowly for him after blowing a puff of air, cringing at the nickname he'd given me, "My name's Arvina, and whatever gimmick this is that you and your army of asses have planned, I'm not having it, alright?” I snapped, and he seemed to be taken aback. “So go back to your little table where you'd have a laugh about this later on, because I'm not one of your whore puppets, if that's what you thought."

"Woah." He rose both his hands like I’d just aimed a gun at him and chuckled. "I'm just trying to befriend you." He took the seat next to mine, annoying me even more. "Hey," he nodded to Brielle and Joshua, "is your friend always this uptight?"

"Oh, leave us alone, will you?" I frowned, pushing him off the seat and looking at Brielle. "I'm leaving. I'll see you guys later?" They just nodded at me, speechless and possibly still shocked about everything.

"Right." Mr. Bradford Asshole smiled again, as if I was talking to him. "Guess I'll see you then, Arvi."

From the corner of my eye, I saw Alizia Greene glare at me while squeezing a green apple hard in her palms; if she squeezed any harder she might actually crush the fruit, but too bad for her scrawny hands, all it really did was made her knuckles white. I just rolled my eyes before making my way to leave the crowded dining hall, not bothering to look back whether the Fifth Ass went back to his table or not.

On my way out of the dining hall, as if the day couldn't get worse, I felt someone's grip on my wrist, and before I could turn around to see who it was, I felt a sticky, cold substance drip from my head to my shoulders. I closed my eyes and inhaled sharply to calm myself down before punching the living hell out of whoever did this, but when I saw who it was, I wished that I hadn't. I wished that I let myself go ape crazy and rip the person limbs by limbs, because it was the none other, Alizia Greene, leader of the Woodrose Angels. Alizia was holding a can of a now empty soda, the remnants of it dripping all over my body. She shrugged innocently and mouthed ‘my bad’, but her smirk told me that she had no regrets doing what she did. I inhaled sharply again and reminded myself that karma would get her one day before glancing at Brielle and Joshua, and seeing that Brielle, too, had soda dumped on her; the poor girl's mouth was gaped open in shock, tears stinging her eyes as Amber Locke towered over her with a devilish grin. The view made my blood curl - these bitches are free to harass me all they want, but getting Brielle involved in this set me off. I never liked the idea of anyone hurting my best friend, and the view alone made me want to strangle Alizia and her army of skanks using their fake hair extensions.

I grabbed the can out of Alizia's hand and threw it at her, hitting her nose dead on. She gasped and pretended to be hurt, even though I knew that it was impossible that an empty can of soda could hurt someone; unless, of course, I hit her hard enough to break her fake nose. I rushed to Brielle and ushered her to the bathroom with me, rubbing her back to soothe her. As soon as we disappeared into the bathroom, we heard roars of applause and laughter, making both of us feel sick in our stomachs. WSS students would go into extreme lengths to harass someone if it meant they were getting their entertainment.

"I'm so tired of them!" Brielle sniffed, wiping her tears away. "Why do they have to be like this? What did we ever do to them?!"

"Shh, shh..." I whispered as I helped her dry her hair using the stack of toilet paper that I fetched from one of the stalls. "This is our last year, we'll get through this, okay? Together. You, me, Joshua. We got this." This made her smile, grabbing some toilet paper from me and helping me dry my hair.

"It's just so unfair." She frowned. "We've never done anything to them."

"I know, we're just trying to graduate," I joked with a chuckle, "karma'll get 'em."

"Hopefully soon enough." Brielle rolled her eyes, then looked at me as if she just had the brightest idea. "Hey, I have some extra clothes in my gym locker, we can change into those."

"I think I do, too." I nodded. I forgot to clean out my locker when I had to take PE last school year, and I hope that they are still in there. "We'll go there when the dining hall clears out."

Brielle sighed before prompting herself on the sink counter and started picking on her nails. When she saw me staring at her, she grinned and raised her eyebrows.


"Nothing," I just laughed and shook my head, "I missed you."

We heard the bell ring, which meant that lunch was over. We waited a few minutes and made sure that it was dead silent when we left the bathroom to avoid facing anyone else; then, we rushed to the gym because if Coach Cooke caught us sneaking into the locker room when we didn't need to be there, we'd be dead meat, that's for sure.

Unfortunately, it looked like the devil's army had beaten us to our lockers as they were completely trashed with silly strings, eggs, flour, mayonnaise, whipped cream, and what appears to be tomatoes. When we opened our lockers, the spare clothes that we had were also completely ruined by the disaster outside. Brielle looked at me with teary eyes - you knew she was extremely ticked off when her eyes are glistening with tears, her bottom lip is tucked in between her teeth, and her fists are curled into tight fists. I sighed heavily and shook my head, refusing to believe any of this was real. My first day back in Satan's Pit was unbelievable.

"I wish it was legal to claw people's eyes out." I heard Brielle mutter under her breath, making me laugh. "What?" She giggled, face features finally softening again.

"What did summer do to my sweet, baby Brielle?" I grinned. "Talking back to the First Ass and wishing it was legal to commit murder? Before I left, you'd be the last one to kill a fly."

"Summer changes things, Little Miss Arvina." She smirked playfully. "But seriously though, what the hell is up with them?"

"I don't know," I sighed, "but I don't wanna be late for Lit, so let's just go to class."

Brielle shrugged and nodded, following me out of the gymnasium and into the English Hall. She had English Composition after lunch, and I had English Literature, so our classes were just next to each other. She gave me one last smile, as if to say "good luck" before entering her class. I just exhaled a heavy breath out, my shaky hands touching the cold metal of the doorknob as I turned it and went in the class.

Sure enough, everyone - even Ms. Glenn, the teacher - had their eyes locked on me. It took a hell load of guts for me to clear my throat and hand her my schedule, which I was supposed to hand in to my teachers so that they could add me onto their attendance roster.

"Oh, no, no need for that," she smiled, "I've already got you in the roster. I'm thrilled to have you in my class this year, Ms. Erikson."

I was completely baffled. "What do you mean you've already got me in the roster?" I frowned in confusion. I know for a fact that Brielle didn’t register me in, because she would have done it for all of my classes instead of just one. "I just came back today."

"A friend of yours told me you'll be joining us, and when I checked in with Ms. Jean, she confirmed that you were." She smiled at me once again before nodding to the back row's direction, "your seat would be that way," a pause that felt like an eternity because I already knew what was coming next, "right next to Mr. Maz."

My eyes widened in shock, mouth gaping as I made my way to the back of the class. This has got to be some kind of a joke; no way am I sitting next to the Fifth Ass. It's already bad enough that I started my day with finding out that his two other little friends are on my morning classes.

He gave me a warm smile and pushed his textbooks aside, clearing the desk so that I'll have a place to put my notebook on. I noticed that there was a pile of clothes on my side of the desk - a slightly oversized shirt and a pair of light skinny jeans. He pushed them closer to my side when I sat down and smiled sheepishly. It was almost like that one awkward scene in Twilight when Bella first entered the class, and Edward showed the science apparatus to her side of the desk.

"I registered you in," he spoke in a hushed tone after I sat, "I hope you didn't mind."

So he was the friend of mine that told Ms. Glenn I'll be in this class. How the hell did he even know that I’m going to be in this class?

He continued talking as if I really wanted to talk to him. "I felt really bad about what happened, so I convinced your friend's boyfriend-.. um, Joshua, right?" I nodded. "Right, well, I convinced him into telling me what your next class was, and when I found out it was this class, I thought, 'hey, why not do her a favor and help her avoid the awkwardness of registering into the class really late?'" He paused to look at Ms. Glenn and made sure that she didn't catch us talking. "I also got Gaston to buy you these pair of jeans. Joshua told me your size, said you and his girlfriend share clothes, so we figured you were the same size. Although, that shirt is mine. I hope you don't mind."

I was fuming at the fact that Joshua had always been so easily convinced. How the hell could he give this kind of information out to a Jock Army?

"I don't need your help," I said calmly after huffing a heavy breath out and looked him straight in the eye. "Look, I'm a damsel. I'm in distress. I can handle this. In fact, I've been handling this for seven years. Have a nice day." I quoted Megara from Disney's Hercules; Brielle and I do this too often.

"Alright." He chuckled, holding his hands up like I was pointing a gun at him. He seemed so amused by the way I retaliate against everything he and his friends do, which set me off even more. I tried to scoot my chair further from him, but he caught it before I could, moving it even closer to him. "I don't bite." He smirked. "Besides, I have a feeling that we'd be partners for the rest of the year." He chuckled to himself and winked at me before paying attention to the teacher's lecture and finally leaving me alone. He looked out at the window by our seat, long and slender fingers silently tapping the wooden desk. I couldn’t help by study his face again - he had prominent everything: prominent jaws, tipped-up nose, even the way his lips puckered out of his face was prominent. He almost looked like he was sculpted by the gods themselves, honestly, with a tiny sprinkle of charm all over, and an overdose on ego. Zander Maz is beautiful, and I’ve only met him today, but I know that everyone with common sense knows that he is beautiful; I just haven’t figured out if his insides are as pretty as his outsides. The fact that he hangs around Jax’s crowd is still conflicting to me, as he actually acts like a decent human being with a soul.

I looked away before he caught me creepily staring at him, and looked down on my notebook where I pretended to take notes. Ms. Glenn was going on and on about To Kill A Mockingbird, and I didn’t really feel the need to pay attention because I sort of already know the entire book like the back of my hands.

Two freckled fingers tapped my notebook, and when I looked up to see who it was, of course it was the Fifth Ass. I just rolled my eyes at him and mouthed “What?” before pushing his fingers off my notebook. I thought that it was actually cute that his fingers had freckles, but I wasn’t about to admit that. If he needed more reason to be egotistic, it wasn’t going to come as a boost from me.

“Do you even actually like this?” He whispered. “Shit’s so boring.”

“What?” I frowned, offended. “This is my favorite book, what do you mean it’s boring?”

“Is it?” He almost laughed, which made me even more offended. “Wouldn’t peg you for the book type.”

“Huh,” I grunted, “I wouldn’t peg you for Jax’s type either, but I guess we both don’t know each other at all.” I rolled my eyes at him before continuing to take fake notes.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He sounded defensive, like the way I spoke about Luca Jax actually hit a nerve. “What’s so bad about Luca?”

I shrugged. “You just seem nicer than what he usually surrounds himself with, s’all.”

He took my pen from my hands, grinning ear to ear. “Luca’s nice. I like Luca.”

“How you feel about your boyfriend sounds personal to me, Maz.” I took my pen back from him, frowning like he’d just stolen a cookie from my jar.

“Boyfriend?” He chuckled quietly, stealing my pen again. “He’s not my boyfriend. We’ know, um...straight.”

“Right.” I teased. “By the way, get your own pen.” I was about to snatch my pen again from him when the bell rung, and he nearly ran out of the class with my pen in his hands. I just inhaled sharply and reminded myself to calm the fuck down. You’re going to graduate soon, Arvina, you’re not exactly going to deal with these idiots anymore. I shove my notebook in my bag, pushing long strands of hair out of my face in frustration. I could already tell that this is going to be a long year.

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