Peculiar Poetry

Poetry with and without reason and rhyme.
Strange is what I strive for.
Expect lyrics and limericks, free verse and format.
Be prepared for bubbly and boiled, terrifying and horrifying.
Keep an eye out for those that provoke your thoughts, and some that bear no thought at all.
Many written for class, and others without much of it.
Feel free. There are no boundaries. Just think.
Consider, Ponder, Wonder, Imagine.
Argue, Oppose, Debate, Defend.
Perhaps you will be offended.
That's good.
Think about that.
Learn more of what you think.
How you think.
Take what you can from what you hate.
I don't seek to preach.
I only speak my mind.
A mind most peculiar.


10. "Apology For A Friend"

When the night is long and lonesome 

And I cannot rest my eyes, 

Some ideas bubble to the surface

Thoughts that tear me apart inside. 

I want to say, my friend, I am sorry 

For all that I did to you. 

You'd be right when you assure me I did nothing at all... 

I'm sorry for what I didn't do. 

How while I enjoyed my childhood

You were tormented as prey in a cage, 

That you knew of things that I couldn't have known 

Although we were the very same age.

I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you

When horrid thoughts ravaged your mind. 

I really had thought that you meant it 

When you said to me, "I'm fine." 

I hate that I didn't get it, 

I couldn't see the pain in your gaze, 

And no matter how badly you willed me to help 

I remained in my innocent ways.

I assumed that you'd never lie to me, 

Yet it seems now that you certainly would. 

Though if you had tried to explain it all, 

I don't think I'd have understood. 

Now, I see what has happened, 

And you probably blame yourself. 

But sometimes I was my fault 

That my best friend lived through hell. 

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