~ The Forest ~ | Min Yoongi × Park Jimin

What if there was a place...
A place where time stopped completely, and every day was perfect, where nothing could go wrong? A place... that had its good side... and its bad side as well.

Park Jimin is a college student, studying biology and science. One hot and sticky day in June, he and his class trek out to the forest on the edge of civilization. Bored out of his mind, he has no choice but to find something to do. As he walks deeper and deeper into the trees, he comes upon a house. Here, in the middle of an open meadow, the light shines pure, and time does not exist. There, he meets Min Yoongi, who is trapped inside his own wonderland, never able to escape.


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    When I wake up, my head throbs. I don't usually get headaches, only when I'm super stressed. I want to know how long I've been asleep, but time doesn't really work here. When I throw the covers off my body, I instantly feel cold. Throwing my sweater over my head, I get my backpack. I make sure I have all of my things, then silently creep down the stairs. When I hover over the last step, the one I'm currently on groans under my weight. I stop, watching as Yoongi walks from around the corner.

    "You don't have to lurk around, y'know." he says, a pencil in his hand. I stand up straight, and clear my throat. He walks back to the living room, sitting at a desk. Had it always been there...?

    "I think... I'm just gonna go back. People are probably wondering where I am." I say. When I look back at Yoongi, he looks surprised.

    "And then what?" he asks, sitting down, closing a notebook. He looks at me with hooded eyes, and sighs.

    "I don't know, just go back to the university I guess." I don't want to leave. I'm debating on whether or not to come back, since.. well, yeah. Him.

    "Just a heads up, for when you leave, the effects might feel heavy. You've been 'out of time'," Yoongi makes air quotes with his fingers. "for more than a day." I put my bag on the floor, and look at him.

    "How hard do you think it would be to find my way back here?" I ask. He stops, as if taking this in. Does he not want me to come back?

    "If you got here easily, it shouldn't be difficult to leave and find your way back. You should probably go." He responds. I nod, and make my way to the front door. I look over my shoulder one last time. He's gone back to writing in his notebook. I step into the warm sunlight, and squint at the brightness.

     I come upon the familiar expanse of thick trees and plants where I came from, and hesitate. Something feels off, but I can't put my finger on what it is. When I go to walk back onto the path I came, nothing happens. Nothing is different, even though he said it would. I shrug it off and walk down back towards the campsite.

    My phone goes off in my pocket, signaling that I was getting a wave of notifications. I pull it out, and look at the time. Now, everything is back to normal, and it's only 7:05 in the morning. My morning alarm is going off, since I set it for every morning.

    It seems like forever by the time I reach my cabin I was assigned to yesterday. I creep in, not making any noise. From on top of my bunk, I pull my other belongings and small overnight bag. From under me, Choi Minho stirs, sitting up quickly. As soon as he sees me, he calms down. Next to him, under the covers, is someone else. He covers her up with the blankets, and looks up at me with tired eyes.

    "Oh... Jimin.. I was wondering when you would get back. We've been looking for you." Minho yawns, and stands up, leaving the girl in the bed, still asleep. As I look around the cabin, it seems like the other two boys, Oh Sehun and Kim Jiwon are gone too.

    "So, who's she?" I ask him sarcastically. His eyes go wide, and he goes silent, trying to find something to say.

    "Oh, uh.. she's just a friend. She just decided to drop in. Nothing much." 

    "If anyone asks, just tell them I felt sick and went home, 'kay?"

     He nods, and I make my way out the door. When Sehun finds me outside the cabin and asks where I'm going, I shrug my shoulders. I know he, nor anyone else, cares enough to really want to know my whereabouts.

    It seems the farther I walk through the trees, the more anxious I feel about getting back to Yoongi. I wonder what it will be like there, and how long I might be able to stand it.


     I want Jimin to hurry... he's already been gone so long. I don't like it when people make me wait. I take a deep breath, and look at myself in the bathroom mirror. Even though time doesn't pass here, I can feel the stress weighing down on me. Everything about me is the same. My height, my weight, the ink imprinted on my skin, everything. When I focus on the snake swirling around my arm, the memories flood through;


     "Eomma, what is that?" the young boy asks. He is about the age of ten, and he is walking through the forest with his mother, gathering firewood. On the ground in front of him is a trinket box, small and made of polished cherry wood. Inside, there is deep purple velvet and a single, silver ring.

    "Why don't you take it home? It will be nice to share with your older brother." she says, smiling down at me. He smiles back, and the two of them walk back to their small blue home in the middle of the forest. For the next few days, everything goes as it normally would. But, exactly nine days after the box was found, the silver ring went missing. No one knows where it went. 

     The boy's mother fell critically ill, going crazy in the head, enough to the point where his father left, taking his older brother with him. Day by day, hour by hour, she would not eat, or sleep. She would stay huddled in the corner of her room. Her hair was messy, her clothes disheveled and torn. The bruises under her eyes grew darker, and her eyes filled in to a complete pitch black.

    When the boy went to visit his mother for the last time, he stopped in front of her. For a second it looked like she wasn't breathing. Adrenaline and fear coursed through his veins, and he backed up towards the door, wanting to leave. When she sensed this, she attacked. She was everywhere, pricking into his skin with sewing needles, breathing onto him with her hot breath. On the bookshelf, the trinket box lay open, black and purple light flowing from it. 

    He manages to escape her grasp, clutching onto the box, closing it. Suddenly, everything slows down. His mother is back to normal, but she opens her mouth, speaking dryly.

    "Destroy the box. Burn it. You have to, it's the only way... to...stop..." she falters, and lies limp. He does not know what is going on. He turns around to look behind him, and when he returns to his mother, she is gone. All that is left is the silver ring. And the cursed, wooden box. 

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