~ The Forest ~ | Min Yoongi × Park Jimin

What if there was a place...
A place where time stopped completely, and every day was perfect, where nothing could go wrong? A place... that had its good side... and its bad side as well.

Park Jimin is a college student, studying biology and science. One hot and sticky day in June, he and his class trek out to the forest on the edge of civilization. Bored out of his mind, he has no choice but to find something to do. As he walks deeper and deeper into the trees, he comes upon a house. Here, in the middle of an open meadow, the light shines pure, and time does not exist. There, he meets Min Yoongi, who is trapped inside his own wonderland, never able to escape.


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Even if curiosity killed the cat...

     I still thought about what I said to myself earlier last night, but now I start to think the idea was stupid in the first place. However, it wouldn't hurt to explore a bit.

     I tie my shoelaces, and zip my jacket. Just last night it was dry and warm, but now, this early in the morning, it's cold and dewy. Are places out here always like this?

     Everyone else in my cabin was still there, hanging out and talking, one of them still asleep. I decided that I would just walk around and head to the cafeteria a bit earlier than everyone. First come, first serve, as they always say. 

     "Hey, Jimin, wait up!" yells Namjoon. Guess he came after all, I'm just happy he's staying nowhere near me. I slow down my pace, and let him catch up.

    "Why are you out so early?" Is the first thing he asks me. I shrug my shoulders and look up at his tall figure.

    "I dunno, just wanted to get away from all the noise and stuff, that's all." I respond quietly. Namjoon nods back, and puts his thumbs in his belt loops, looking down at the ground. Soon, we reach the cafeteria, a huge, brown building. The interior surprises me, being so updated and modern compared to the rest of the camp.

     When we walk in, there are papers on a table next to the front door, telling us what we would be doing for the day based on what group we were in. 

    I'm in the smallest group, with only three other people, none of which I know. I scan the paper, rubbing the nape of my neck.

    - 1. Biology II Studies in Wendat Lab

    - 2. Cell Life Forms and Organism Structures

    - 3.  Natural Environment and Economics Scavenger Hike

    Well, the last one got me. A walk would seem nice, especially since our group is so small. Even though there are only three activities, each one is a couple hours, making the day fly by.

    Eventually, we get through our first two activities, and I get to know my group members, Oh Sehun, Choi Minho, and Kim Jiwon. They all seem pretty easy to get along with, and all of them are a couple of years older than me except for Jiwon.

  "So, where do we... start..." says Sehun, looking at the map the guides gave us for our hike. I roll my eyes, and flip it so that it is not upside down in his hands. 

    "Here, I think I should read it." Minho says, holding out his hand. Sehun gives it to him, and they all wander off in front, probably going the wrong direction.

    "Aish, you guys..." mumbles Jiwon, putting his hands in his pockets and attempting to catch up with them.

     From the trees, comes the same whistled tune from yesterday, but louder and closer. I look behind me quickly, but see nothing. Nothing at all, which makes me feel even more uneasy. The other guys are still looking around, not even paying any attention towards me.

    I take this chance, and step through an open spot in the trees. I keep walking forward, until I see a path in the ground. The path is old, with almost all the grass grown back on the well-worn ground, but it's still slightly visible. 

    The whistling gets louder... until it suddenly stops. And as soon as it does, so does the path I walk on. I ran all this way for nothing? Got myself lost, for nothing? I catch my breath, bending my knees and dropping my backpack on the ground. I pull out my phone, but get no reception.

    If I really am lost, there's no way it's going to be easy getting back. I stand back up, and begin to walk again. Sunlight filters gently through the leaves, making me squint my eyes. 

    That's weird... I think to myself. Nothing is anywhere in sight so far.. What time is it anyway?

    My watch reads 6:57. A few more minutes later, and the time hasn't changed. 

    What the hell is going on...? Is my watch broken?

     I check my phone, but the time hasn't changed from 6:57 there either.

     I then step into an open expansion, where most of the trees have been cut down, leaving a large space of just grass and wildflowers. But something is off, because a large, blue house is standing there alone, right in the middle of it all. The windows are closed, curtains drawn, porch lights off.

    If someone is here, I could probably ask for directions out of this place... I raise a hand to knock on the white door. Before I can even touch it, it swings open.

    "Who are you?" says a stern raspy voice. My heart skips a beat, and I look up slowly, coming face to face with a boy in his early twenties. His hair is a dark navy blue, almost black in color. His skin is porcelain white, and he towers above me.

    "I... uh, I just got lost, and I was wondering if you.. if anyone knew the way out of here." I mumble, feeling anxious. He gets closer to my face, as if examining my features, taking in the sight of me. Has he never seen another human being before? I can smell his cologne, and feel his warm breath.

    "How strange..." is all he says. He walks back in the house, leaving the door open, like he is asking for me to enter. I cautiously step in, gripping on tighter to the strap on my bag. The whole time, he watches my every move, his eyebrows furrowed in thought. When I look out the window, the sun is setting again, but my watch and phone still read that same time; 6:57 P.M.

    "So, do you think you can help me? Or...." I trail off, trying not to rush him. I don't want to seem desperate, especially considering the fact that I don't want to come off as an asshole.

    "I could help you." he says, cracking his knuckles. Everything he does seems so flawless, from the way he walks across the room, to the way he speaks, the words slipping from his mouth. Shit, even the way he breathes is intoxicating.

    "I could tell you the way out, even though I don't know how the hell you got so far out here," he continues. He walks up close to me again, and his expression changes. The air suddenly becomes thick, and I get anxious.. again. His tone becomes soft, enough where I can barely hear what he is saying.

    "But in all honesty, Park Jimin... It might be a challenge trying to leave when it wants to keep you in."

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