It's Just Dee

[COMPLETED] Dan and Phil fanfic.


1. Phil's POV

It was my second week at university and I was in love, I didn’t know who they were, I didn’t even know if they were a male or female, honestly I didn't care. I’ve seen them at the university’s cafeteria. I love the way their pale skin contrasted their brown hair, that covered their face and reached the nape of their neck, and their dark eyes. Every time they walked into the cafeteria, it gave me butterflies. I hoped they would look at me so I could get a clear view of their face. These thoughts were interrupted by my phone ringing, with a text from PJ “hey, i have someone you might want to meet them.”

“K, where? When?” I replied.

“Starbucks, 5”

“Cool.” I sent as I looked at the time. Ok, it's four fifteen, I have enough time to walk there, I thought as I got up from my bed, and left the building. By the time I got to Starbucks it was five, and PJ was waiting outside for me.

“Hey Phil, Dee is inside ordering the drinks,” he said with a grin on his face, before adding “ Dee is agender, and prefers the xe, xem pronouns.” I nodded, not completely sure of what he meant. I followed him into the cafe, and my face began to grow red when xe turned around and walked towards us .

“This is Dee,” PJ said as he gestured to xem.

“Um… hi, I’m Phil” I said as stuck my hand out to shake, noticing that xe had xry hands full, I retracted my arm and hid it behind my back.

“Hi, Phil,” xe said, as PJ led us to a table. When Dee sat down xe handed me a salted caramel frappuccino, and then slowly removed the lid off of their espresso letting the steam seep out of the sides, as the aroma enveloped the air around us.

“I have to get going,” said PJ, I gave a look pleading him not to leave us, but he said nothing and left. I looked up to catch Dee staring, we made eye contact then both looked down and blushed.

“ What are you majoring in?” I stuttered nervously trying to break the ice.

“Law,” said Dee with a crooked smile, that made me grin, ”You?” xe responded curiously.

“I’m majoring in English Literature,” I said nervously, hoping xe wouldn’t think I’m a nerd.

“That’s cool,” Dee said with a smile that made me feel all warm inside. I smiled back, hoping that xe wouldn’t notice that I had hardly touched my frappuccino, this was not because I didn’t like it or was ungrateful, it was because I suffer from social anxiety and hate eating in front of people, and when I do I either eat extremely fast or very little, and I didn’t think that chugging a frappuccino would make a good first impression. I glanced up from my thoughts and smiled at Dee, wondering if xe recognized me from the cafeteria

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