ShikaTema love and death

Surprise sad and great read to find out.


1. The Village

​        Our story begins in the village hidden in the leaves. Shikamaru and Temari were walking side by side on a sunny day with Naruto and Hinata.  

​        "Summer days are kinda a drag you know." Shikamaru quietly said in Temari's ear.

​        "Would you shut up. Hinata and and I are trying to enjoy are selves here." Naruto yelled in Shikamaru's ear making him flinch.

        "He has a point Shikamaru, you think everything is a drag." laughed Temari. 

​        "You guys really don't need to rub it in on him." said Hinata in her usual soft voice.

​        "Exactly Hinata, at least someone agrees with me." said Shikamaru looking at Temari as she laughed.

​       "Well, Shikamaru and I are going to our place." laughed Temari as she dragged Shikamaru along the sidewalk.

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