Spoken Heart

Forgetting her past, Genevieve has to break whatever she has gained (being with Matthew). No matter what, either of them would do anything for the other. The clock is ticking and the truth must be shown, before it's too late. Dreams come true and all feels right, just like the stillness before a disaster occurs.


1. Understanding the wanderers:

        As I walked into the room, I saw him- standing there. While walking past him, his eyes caught mine- acknowledging the anguish and nervousness in me-. Quickly, I reached my desk and sat down (meanwhile ignoring the confused glances he shot towards me). It was so awkward! I wished that I could speed up the clock but the more I wanted it, the more slowly time would pass.

        Eventually, the bell rang and Miss sent us out. My heartbeat quickened and I began to sweat, as I realised who would be assisting me.

        "Thank you for helping me Matthew and Genevieve. It was so generous of you two to offer to tidy up. Well, I'll leave you to it. There seems to be a crisis in the hall (as usual)." Miss Elena had told us, before walking out the room.

        "Hi," Matthew made out before getting to work, "How are you?"

        "I'm good," I answered, "Or at least I think I am."

        Matthew sharply turned towards me, "Oh! What's wrong?"

        I inhaled deeply and exhaled. Then, I carried on working- ignoring the question thrown at me.

        "Matthew," sorrowfully I said the name, realising the stab to my heart, "I hope you can forgive me for what I am about to say."

        "Of course. Is there something wrong?" He questioned me, again.

        "Well, I've been thinking. Things between us have been so good (don't get me wrong). I loved it, but maybe this isn't what is right. What we have won't work! I-I never want to see o-o-or hear from y-you again!" I turned my back to him while letting silent tears of pain trickle down my cheeks. "I'm sorry..." squeakily I stated.

        Meanwhile, his face was so emotionless. Although, by staring into his capturing eyes, you could easily see how hurt he was. I couldn't help but feel so cruel! I put him in this state and stabbed a knife into his heart! Suddenly, the expression on his face turned blank. He did not look happy or sad just, blank. What was I putting him through?

        "Okay," he protested, "I guess whatever 'this' is, is over."

        "Matthew listen-" rudely I was interrupted by his harsh yet broken tone.

        "Just go! I don't want to hear it!"

        Fear and hurt rushed through my blood- travelling up and down my body. For a mere few seconds, I stood there, hoping he did not mean what he said. Whereas, as I looked into his used to be sparkling, mysterious eyes (that looked like pools of chocolate) I saw no feeling, joy or sparkle. Knowing that he meant what he said, I slowly turned my back to him. Deep down I truly regretted what I said but what's done is done.

        Like a snail, I walked to the door (grabbing whatever I could for balance). Is it over? Did he actually mean that? How would this go? Finally, I reached the door. All of a sudden, I burst into tears. My emotion got the best of me. One last time, full of regret, I turned my head towards him, " M-M-Matthew?" I didn't even get to finish since I choked on my cries. After that, it all happened- rapidly.

        I heard Matthew shout for me, "Genevieve! Wait!" Then, too fast for me to transfer, Matthew swiftly ran towards me and flew his arms out to wrap me in his embrace. I almost dived into his loving embrace as he comforted me with his warmth. My face exploded with colour and my eyes bulged out. The momentum of his demeanour was absolutely shocking! I grabbed onto him as my body became limp and powerless. As my brain sped up to the present, I let out the gush of air I did not realise I was keeping captive. The haunting horror on my face was replaced by...love? It was true! I had fallen for Matthew all over again!

        Horrifically, I felt a cold, liquid substance fall upon my cheek. As I looked upwards, towards Matthew's face, I was truly disturbed to witness him in tears. Slowly but surely, my hand travelled up to his face and wiped away his tears. I looked into his deep brown eyes as he looked into my emerald pair.

        "What have I don't to bring tears to such diamond-like eyes? Actually, I clearly understand what I said and am truly sorry. I do not know what came over me to deliver such pain upon the purest of hearts."

        "Your plea has been forgiven and I beg of mine, also. Nevertheless, promise me one thing. To never cry again, instead, think of me and smile. Let your heart be filled with love when you do."

        "I promise and you are forgiven."

        Just like that, bight smiles appeared on both our faces. The glimmer had once again entered his eyes. We wrapped our arms around each other. Joyfully, I leaned my forehead against his and stared into his chocolate-y eyes. Leaning in, we closed our eyes and entered a whole new world. Just like my dreams, it finally happened.

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