2. Chapter Two: Little Things

No this isn't One Direction's song. BUT TO THOSE WHO DIDN'T THINK OF THAT: Yes, it's the little things in life that makes us happy. And just to let you know, the sad moments are there to let you know that there are going to be more happy times. Maybe you tripped at school and you fell right in front of your crush. Then that same day, something in class made you lyao(laugh your ass off). My advise is: anything that makes you laugh, smile, or makes you move your shoulders up and down and laugh like a dying seal, is nothing to take advantage of and to forget. There is a reason why moms take pictures of you during holidays. It's because they enjoy watching their family be together and laugh. They take pictures because looking at them makes them remember the happy times.

AH HA! That is another thing about the little things: REMEMBER THAT THEY MAKE YOU HAPPY AND THEY HAPPEN WITHOUT TIMING. IF ALL YOU DO- Opps still in Caps... If all you do is search for happiness, then you miss all the moments that would have made you happy. And hey, if watching a movie, eating food, or being on the Internet makes you happy- do it. There is no limit to happiness. Just, if you find happiness in illegal things then... I cannot help you there, buddy. I can't guarantee a life time full of happiness by the end of this book, but I do promise is: a gateway to a better out take in life that will make you feel like you are immune to the bad times.

AND THE BAD TIMES ARE JUST THE TIMES THAT ARE BAD! -Quote from Shakespeare himself(I'm joking). But really. If you are a person who worries about the little things or doesn't want to take chances because the odds of yourself getting hurt is greater- then you need to snap out of it. Of course this isn't Fun Day All Day Land. This is the reality apocalypse. Your life is going to be a waste land and your apartment isn't going to have plumbing if you keep thinking that the bad days are just going to "Blow Over". Let me tell you a secret... They're never going to blow over. Yes, everyday is a bad day. Even Kelly Clarkson knows this since her song quotes, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." If you live through those bad days and brush aside the pain, knowing that happiness will act like a band aid when the time comes, you'll be like a living Hercules. Personally, when a day comes to an end, I think of more bad things then good things that had happened to me. If I just sat for a few more minutes and thought more about those good times, I would be the happiest person in the world because they were my good memories that nobody else got their hands on. You could live in a dumpster on the side of the road, but every time you see a pedestrian walking by- you know they are going to trip on the uneven side walk. They always do. And that would make your day.

No matter who you are, you have a happiness weak spot. Happiness weak spot means that even though you are having the worst day, there will always be that little something that will make you forget all about it. And that can be a person you see everyday or what a random person that day had said. Like YouTube, Life also puts in hidden Easter eggs. You just have to look past the day and keep your eyes open.

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