3. Chapter Three: Get a Thing

You know how people have these things called Fandoms? Yeah, there are like cults who gather around fires and wear robes with their icons face and chant quotes about previous things their icon has said. I'm in 50 of them and I meet with most of them on Tuesdays. There is a funny thing about Fandoms... They make you feel like you are part of something that you love. Because you are. Now, not everything is a Fandom and not everything is as cool as being in a cult, but when you find something or multiple things that take time away from your day and you absolutely don't care about it doing so- that is your thing. I'm talking about TV shows, books, bands, top ten songs, weird hobbies, crafts with your grandma. I'm talking about the whole shabang! When you have something you really like, EMBRACE IT PLEASE. Because if you just live your day: wake up, go to work/school, come back home, sleep, wake up AND THAT JUST CONTINUES, then you haven't found your thing. Like I said in the last chapter, if you are afraid to take chances you need to snap out of it. Take a chance to find more and more things you like and enjoy doing. For example, I really like to drink orange juice and watch The Walking Dead and Gravity Falls. They are things I love to do and watching those TV shows and drinking orange juice makes my day worth while. I know orange juice doesn't even compare to a billion dollars or winning the Power Bowl, but it's that little thing that is there with me when money isn't.

I hope who ever reads this is already thinking, "Hey, I have a thing!" And all of us do, we just don't realize its potential of making us happy. It's the sort of thing we take for granted. If we all woke up the next day with all the things we said we were thankful for, how much stuff would you have with you right now? It's not a habit to be thankful for the things that make us happy. We are normally selfish when it comes to happiness. We dwell in the happy moments and hide from the bad. But I'm willing to challenge you, reader, to pause for a moment and go face to face with the thing or someone in your life and say, "Thank you for being that thing in life that makes me happy." Once you do, once you realize your love for something- you realize that any moment in life they can be taken away. Like I said, what if you woke up today without all the things you said you were thankful for last night... It's that easy. That's why that thing that makes you happy without you realizing it, is worth oh so much. It's worth so much that no price tag can give you an actual amount.

So find a thing, make it yours, see your happiness with it, be grateful to have it.

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