4. Chapter Four: You

There is also a much more deeper level in why people can't find their own happiness. This is something that is stronger than the Great Wall of China. You. Yourself. You are your most biggest critic in the world. How can you be happy when you aren't happy with yourself? In chapter one I said that we are all different, but we all look for the same goal in life: Happiness. That's not the only similarity we have. We are people. People make mistakes. We are flawed. And I will tell you now, you are no different from a Covergirl Model, an actor/actress, a pop star, a musician, etc... A lot of us wish to be them, when they also have problems too. And an actual quote from Shakespeare, "If you prick us, do we not bleed?" When Shylock wants to explain that Jewish people are no different from Antonio, who was a Christian, he gives a point that they were both human.

There isn't this rare breed of human that was born with out problems or has perfect skin and body. Everyone strives for their own perfection. And with that comes your critiques on what you think is wrong with yourself. If you are that person who looks in the mirror and only sees the imperfections, then I would advise not looking on the outside-but the inside. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's what's on the inside that matters- that's not what I was getting at. It's easier to change what you look like on the outside, but it's even harder to except change on the inside. For example: Maybe you struggle with acne. You wish, and wish, and wish for perfect skin. You're not going to have acne all your life. There are millions of blemish fighting washes that you will eventually run into the one that works for you. But a lot of people may not see acne as a problem. They see their whole appearance as the problem. I watched a video on YouTube about little kids who got bullied because how they looked. Either their face wasn't symmetrical or their ears stuck out too much. Doctors allowed them to under go plastic surgery. And right afterwards, those kids were so happy that they were perfect now. Let me tell you this, no matter how much you want to change what you look like, no matter how much changes you make with your body, no matter what choices you make with yourself- you are so beautiful. Even you boys are beautiful too. If you want to be beautiful on the outside, you have to first believe you are beautiful on the inside. If you think you are beautiful, then who.in.this.world. Has the power to say you are not? If beauty only takes the space of your mind, what room does other people's opinions have? No room at all. And what does society know about beauty anyway? We change what is the new body every year. A world who doesn't have an image of perfection from the start of its existence till the end, is a world who doesn't know what real beauty is. *drops microphone

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