1. Chapter One: REALITY

beginners guid to happiness

Okay, so we all hate reality and every time we try to get rid of the thought of it, it always comes came to drop kick us in the face. Somethings one may do to forget reality is: read books(hey they're cool), watch some TV, talk to online friends, or catfish for innocent people. And when the day is over, you cry because your life isn't really like that. Well, I am here to help. Yes, this anonymous source that is typing the words you are reading right know is here to help.

Now, where do I stand when I'm asked the question, "Who gives you the authority to tell us how to be happy?"

I may reply, "Well, I'm a person like everyone else, and I have gone through the same life everyone is taking part of right now. I have some experience on what makes me happy."

They might even tell me, "Everyone is different. What makes you think that what makes you happy is the same on how to make ME happy?"

That is correct, everyone is different. But, but, but, but... There is a similarity that WE ALL have... We all want happiness in our lives. We live everyday using the strength we have to find it. And I may not be the most happiest person in the world but, I do know happiness isn't something we have to look for- we have to open our eyes to it waiting in front of us. (That was deep right...?)

Back to "everyone is different". Every person on this earth has a reason, a purpose, and a fulfillment. We are more than walking bags of flesh and bones. And honestly, you don't need a Bible to tell you that- either you are an atheist, agnostic, polytheist, Jewish, If your religion is any branch of Christianity, Islam, Muslim, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and many more. No matter if you have faith in something or in nothing at all. There is a purpose for you. You, who is reading this and everyone who hasn't gotten the chance to find this. We were all created, reincarnated, or if you believe we were just perfectly put together cells- our existence is not some random incident that happened over night(maybe like 7 days or something). Or, if this paragraph is all gibberish to you, still this has no more difference to you. No. Matter. How. Different. You. Are. Some. Part. Of. You. Wants. To. Be. Happy.

Growing up today... There are lots of reasons why it's hard to find happiness. Maybe you don't have good grades, maybe you want to be more attractive or athletic, maybe you have fake friends or never had that someone to call "your best friend". Maybe your parents fight, maybe they got divorced, or maybe you never had someone to fill in there shoes. Maybe you live in a country, state, city, town that's going through troubles. Maybe your house isn't in the right condition, or you don't even have a place to call home. Maybe you feel like your life is pointless, like you are worthless, upset all the time and you don't even know why. Maybe you just broke up with someone you thought you loved. Maybe, you're finally at the point where you say you're giving up. One or more of these "maybes" is scary to a person. The most scariest thing in life is reality, because there is no way of rewriting it, changing it, or trying to flip to a different channel. If you want to beat reality, you face it head on- even if you feel like you can't look it in the eyes.

Yes, life is hard. It's hard for everybody too. We all may not experience life the same way, but we are all here together. It sounds sappy but it's true. The next chapter will tell you how to use reality to your own advantages...

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