Stay Alive

Sometimes, it can be hard to come up with a reason to stay alive. Personally, I think this is because there are points in your life where your brain is so confused and upset and distressed that it doesn't even want to exist and it gets you to think the same.
And it's hard. So many people have brains that are just different and handle emotions differently. Some people who don't have this can't understand it and don't understand that a single word can make them feel terrible.
Sometimes it's so bad that all they want is to die.
This is my view on this and the reasons I've come up with, personally, to stay alive.
This is just my opinion.


1. 50 Reasons

This list is really meant to apply to me. If you can apply this list to yourself and use these as reasons to live then that's great ;)

1. Assuming reincarnation and the afterlife don't exist, I've got an eternity to be dead and only one chance to be alive.

2. Even if my life sucks, it's really the only experience any human gets, so I might as well live it.

3. Chances are, it's going to get better. Besides, if my life ends early, I'm basically getting rid of the one chance it will get better.

4. Thunderstorms

5. Fluffy dogs

6. Books

7. Cute girls

8. Cute boys

9. Cute people in general

10. People like Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun who devote their lives to making people feel loved.

11. Good music in general

12. Sheep

13. Jokes that I laugh about for hours (not non-stop, that would be scary)

14. Cats

15. The kinds of dogs that would do anything to protect their owners

16. Stories about animals saving lives

17. My friends (that includes all my internet friends <3)

18. People like Brendon Urie who continue to fight for LGBTQ+ rights no matter what happens.

19. All the lovely people who are LGBTQ+ or support them

20. The people in my family that support me through everything

21. Good memes

22. Well written fanfiction

23. Badly written fanfiction (the authors will get better someday, and in the meantime, their stories are entertaining)

24. Climb-able trees

25. Soft blankets

26. YouTubers like Thomas Sanders, Dodie, Ben J. Pierce, and so many more that are making a difference but at the same time making entertaining and sweet videos.

27. Rain

28. The feeling of waking up in December and seeing snow on the ground for the first time that season

29. The first nice day in spring

30. The fact that I will move out someday

31. The nice people on the internet, who despite the fact that the internet can be a cruel place, exist and do what they can to make people smile

32. The random strangers you see on the street, who don't have to be nice, but are anyway

33. All the people I'll fall in love with

34. The person that I marry (assuming that I will, I suppose I might not, but oh well)

35. The fact that Joey and Daniel are going to get married someday and I want to be alive to see it

36. The funny things that happened in history that I haven't learned yet (am I the only one that thinks the idea of the Boston Tea Party sounds hilarious??)

37. Someday I, or one of the people I love, could make history and I want to be around to see that

38. I want to live to a day where I can firmly say that I am happy with my life

39. The nights I stay up late with my friends and we just talk about our fandoms and ships

40. Someday, I swear, I'm going to get that Troye Sivan haircut

41. Someday I might have kids and I might be able to watch them grow up with someone who loves me

42. Soft slippers

43. Chocolate chip cookies that are straight out of the oven

44. Chocolate in general

45. All the puns I can make about being gay

46. All the puns I can make

47. Swimming

48. Sleep

49. Food

50. I know I'm loved by my friends and family and although I know I can lose friends, I'm almost certain I won't lose my best friends (at least I really hope I won't) and no matter how much they want, my family can't get rid of me.

So yeah. It took me, like, a whole hour to come up with fifty things but I guess that's it. This seems completely random but I've spend most of my vacation thinking about death and then crying about happy YouTube videos. I've seen some people make lists like this so I wanted to.

Also I probably could've made this into a blog but I like the way stories look better.

ALso I have no idea if I'm going to update this or if it will remain a one-shot. So yeah.

(I just realized how much I say "So yeah" lmao)

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