The Daycare Center

Calum, Ashton, Luke, Michael and Logan start a daycare center. Logan and Ashton are the only ones use to younger children. What could go wrong ?


1. intro

*faint children screams*

"Mikey, mikey! Can we play hide and seek pweeeaaase!!"

"Not right now you demons, it's nap time"

"No we don't wanna take a nap!*

*children screams gets louder*

"If you guys take a good nap we will play hide and seek later"

"Michael why are the kids freaking out?!"

"Because they want to play hide and see- Hey stop running with those scissors!!"

*all noise fades away*

Before we start too late into the story, you need to start from the beginning.

Hi, I'm Logan Henderson. I'm 19 years old and I have long brown hair and dark brown eyes. I live with my boyfriend, Calum hood, 21, and his old band mates. He WAS in a band called 5 Seconds of Summer with Luke Hemmings, 20, Ashton Irwin, 22, and Michael Clifford, 21, but the management dropped them because they would never listen to security guards when they said to not go near the fans. I know, pretty shitty, the fans pay hundreds of dollars buying their stuff and they spend their days tracking where they're gonna be next and the boys can't even go get a hug or a picture to show their appreciation?! Anyways, paybacks a bitch and the fans threw riots outside of the managements office. The cops were called.. no one got hurt but a few fans got taken down to the station...

The boys and I are looking for jobs. Calum and I applied for Starbucks 2 weeks ago and we haven't heard anything back yet. Ashton became a drumming instructor for about 5 days but didn't get much business so he dropped it. Luke applied for Dave and Busters but his application was declined. Michael has had no effort to go out and look for a job. He sits in his room playing video games and eating pizza all day. We hope soon we can all find jobs.


The boys and I were walking down to the street about to go back to our house when we stopped in front of an adoption center. There was a big sign that said "CLOSING SOON" and another sign that said "FOR LEASE call (***) ***-*** for more details

"Hah look guys, this demon hole is closing" Michael said

"Do you have a problem against children Mike? Why are you happy about it closing?" Ashton asked

"Do I have a problem with children?! They're little punishments from satan and all they do is throw fits and spend your money!" Mike said

"They're not that bad, I mean come on think about your fans. Some are like 6 years old!" I said

"I'm exaggerating. They're not that bad I'm just not use to children.. and in camp rock 2 they act awful!" He said

"I agree with mike" Luke said

"Me too, I'm not use to little kids" Calum said.


*in the background you can hear a conversation between a mother and her baby*

"No no, don't cry, I know you don't want to go shopping with me. But your babysitter cancelled and there are no daycares near here. I would pay good money for a daycare to watch you while I go run errands"


"Guys I just had a great idea!" Ashton said

"Yea?" We all asked in unison

"Well we're all looking for jobs right?" Ashton asked

"Most of us" Luke said and turned to mike

"Well this place is going out of business, and Logan and I are use to kids, and we just heard that woman, she would pay good money for a daycare around here..." he continued

"Are you thinking about buying this place and opening a daycare center?" I asked

"BINGO!" He said

We all looked to each other. We weren't very sure. We didn't know anything about running a business. We had to think about it. We went home and just talked about it and we came to a final decision.......

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