The Daycare Center

Calum, Ashton, Luke, Michael and Logan start a daycare center. Logan and Ashton are the only ones use to younger children. What could go wrong ?


2. chapter 1

We decided we would try it out. We called the number and we told them we were interested in the building. The adoption center is closing tomorrow so we can buy it a week later so they can get all the stuff out and ready.

By the time we got home and did all of that, it was night time. I made some popcorn and we all sat in the living room and watched The Edge of Seventeen. I snuggled up next to Calum on the sofa while Mike laid on the floor, Luke was in the arm chair, and Ashton was next to us. I fell asleep in the middle of the movie so when it was over Calum carried me to his room and I slept with him.

I woke up wrapped around Calum's arms. He was still sleeping so I gently slipped out of his arms and walked to the kitchen. Ashton was up sitting at the table with a cup of coffee.

"Good morning!" He said

"Hey Ash good morning. I'm gonna make pancakes and eggs for everyone. Do you want some?" I asked

"Yes please" he replied.

I fixed the pancakes and eggs and set it all out across the table. No one was awake yet so I decided to go wake them up. I walked into Mike's room and he was sleeping with his headset on and holding his Xbox controller. I gently shook him and said get up and he woke up and stood up.

"I made breakfast" I said

"Lit" is all he said

I walked out of his room and moved on to Luke's room. I opened the door but he was already up looking through his closet deciding what to wear.

"Hey Luke I made breakfast" I said

"Thank you love I'll be down soon" he said. I closed the door and walked into Calum's room. He was still asleep hugging his pillow. I grabbed his hand and kissed him. He woke up and hugged me.

"Good morning beautiful" he said with a raspy tone of voice

"Good morning babe. I made some breakfast" I said

"Okay let's go down there then" he said holding his hand out. I grabbed his hand and interlocked our fingers and walked downstairs to the kitchen. Everyone was eating so we sat down and dug in.

The next few days went by really fast. Before we knew it, it was Saturday and we could finally get into the old adoption place. Earlier in the week we went down to some office and bought the place. They gave us the keys and they told us what to do to make a successful business. We have a better understanding of what to do now.

Ashton unlocked the doors and we walked in. The place was huge! We explored more and there were a bunch of big rooms and a kitchen and lunch area.

"This place is gigantic!" Mike said

"I have an idea of how to use one of the rooms" I said

"Yea?" They all asked

"We can have a bounce house and make a set schedule of when and how long they can go on it." I said

"Oh that's a good idea. Let's start taking notes." Ashton said as he took out his phone and went to the notes app.

"Well how about we open at 9 so from 9:00-9:10 is checkin" Calum said

"And from 9:10-9:40 it can be play time." Luke said

"WE SHOULD HAVE A VIDEO GAME ROOM" Michael yelled excitedly.

"That's a possibility" I said and we continued with the schedule, "from 9:40-10:10 can be craft time"

"10:10-10:40 could be the possibility of video games time" Ashton said

"10:40-11:25 could be the bounce house" Calum said

"And 11:25-12:15 should be nap time." Luke said.

We continued making the list and added what we should buy for the kids to play with (toys, board games, balls, etc)

We went to target after and bought a few things like tables and tiny chairs. We went home and ordered pizza and thought of ideas for advertisements. We would come back tomorrow and start to set things up.

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