Fame and Love ( A Justin Bieber Fanfiction)

Arabella Lautner and Justin Bieber were more then friends to everyone around them, but to them, they were best friends. They both begin to start to fall for each other, when Justin got a chance to become a singer and follow his dreams. Arabella's and Justin's love will have to wait ... After three years, their paths meet. Will their love continue? Or do things between them no longer work as they once did? Read it to find out.


1. ღIn First Gradeღ

Arabella's P.O.V.


"Come on Arabella!"-mom yelled from the living room. "I'm coming, mom!" I yelled from my room. I put on my blue dress and put the bracelet I got for my birthday. I went down the stairs and saw my mother. "Am I beautiful?" I asked excitedly. "Oh, sweetheart ... You're beautiful." Mom whispered and hugged me firmly. "Do you want chocolate milk?" She asked. I nodded and sat down at the table. "Mom?" I asked quietly. "Say honey?" "Will my dad come to my first day at school?" I asked her. Ever since I knew for myself, I never saw my dad. I asked my mom and she told me that my dad was a secret spy doing secret operations, which explains why he is not home. Isn't that cool? Imagine. I can tell my new friends at school about dad and they will think I have the best dad ever! Because I have! "Sorry, but not today, his mission is to save the princess, and we do not want the princess to be kidnapped by a evil scientist, do we?"- she winked and I opened my eyes wide. My dad knows the princess! "Arabella, we have to go. Get a backpack!"-mom said. I immediately ran to my room, took a backpack, and went with my mom to the car.


"See you Arabella, have a nice day in school, love you!"-mum said, hugging me and kissing me on the cheek. I went into the first grade. There was my teacher, Mrs. Marlena. "Hello, are you Arabella?" She bowed to be at the same height as me. I nodded quickly and she smiled. "Come with me."-she took my hand and introduced me to the classroom. It was much bigger than in kindergarten. And there were no carpets and toys anymore, but they were desks. She brought me to my desk and I sat down. There were children around me who were coloring with flomasters. Flomasters were my favorite. "Why do not you meet other children and draw with them?" Said the teacher and made me smile. I nodded and went to the group of girls. "Hi, I'm Arabella Lautner, and you are?" I held out my hand, but they turned away. "We do not talk to girls who wearing blue dresses, blue is more for boys, and pink for girls, just to know,"-one girl said. I shrugged and went to the next table that was full of boys. "Hi, I'm Arabella, you are?" I asked, a bloondie boy. He turned and looked me strangely. "I'm a boy ... and you are a girl," he said. "Yes, I'm a girl." I laughed and sat next to him. "Why don't you sit with them?" He asked, pointing at the table filled with a girls.
"They don't like me," I said and continued to draw flowers. "Why?" He asked me. "Because I wear a blue dress," I said. "That's ... It's ... stupid!" He said. "Oooooh, you said a bad word," I whispered. "Don't tell to Mrs. Marlene, please!" He laughed as well as me. "I'm Justin," he said. "And I think you have a nice dress," he added. "Thank you Justin," I said. "Will you be my friend?" He asked me. "Of course!" I laughed as he did. Since then, we become best friends.

End of flashback

"Justine, get off me!" I shouted and pushed him away from me.
"Do you remember when I said the word STUPID, and you said it was a bad word?" He said and started laughing. I soon laughed, remembering it. "Yes, yes ... But then we were 7, and now we are 16..." I said, and lying on the bed next to Justin. He shrugged. "So what now?" He asked and started playing with my hair. "Hmm, watch movies and eat popcorn?" I asked. "Good idea Lautner, a good idea ..." - he tried to sound cool, but it was very funny. I started laughing. "If you just heard yourself..." I whispered. "Are you laughing at me?" He asked me and put a evil smile on his face. "Don't Justine, please don't..." I said and started running away from the room. Soon he started to run after me. "I'll catch you!" He yelled. I turned and showed him tongue. Soon I got caught and we both fell on the floor. He started to tickle me. "Stop it!" I tried to reach the air. "Not until you say I'm cool!" He laughed. "You're cool!" I shouted how much I could. Soon we started to laugh. "Can we now get up?" I asked him because he was on me. "It is comfortable to me," he said. I pushed him to the other side, but he caught me so I was on him. Our faces were just a few inches away. Soon we moved away from each other. There was an unpleasant silence. "Let's go for the popcorn?" Justin asked, breaking the silence. I nodded and went to the kitchen. "Where's your mom?" He asked. "She went shopping," I said. "And your brother?" He asked. "Well ... I think he's on acting courses or something ..." I said. Taylor is my brother. He recently started waking on the acting courses and I have to admit that he is getting good. "He?" Justin asked, surprised. "I know, I know, but he tells me he will one day become an actor. If he becomes an actor, I'll become a singer," I laughed. "And I, too," Justin laughed. "What movie are we watching?" I asked, holding the bowl with the popcorn. "Scary movie," he said, and sat down on the couch in the living room. "Yeah, sure ..." I said in disbelief. He looked at me and raised his eyebrows. He was serious. "Are you joking? There's no way," I said seriously. "Come on, I'm here. No one can do anything while I'm here," he said and winked at me. "You are my hero," I said sarcastically, and sat next to him. There was not even a 5 minute since movie started, and I was already in Justin's hug. He laughed and approached me. I felt safe. "Thank you," I whispered. "All for you princess," he whispered to my ear. I smiled. I leaned my head on his shoulder, and he leaned his head on my head. I really liked it. No, I should not like it, he's my best friend ... My God, what I'm talking about ...



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