The Almost Normal Life Of Jade Kai

Jade Kai's life has been almost normal. Here is the diary entries of her life and what has happened


2. April 6th, 2017

Hey Diary,

     So last night was hell. My dad, who only got back into my life 5 years ago, walked out of it again. He gave up on me. It all started because I tried to prank him and tell him I was back with my ex, Connor, and I'm not but still. He fell for it, him and I got into a conversation about it and we were on video chat and we started talking about him and my other ex Leo, and I got mad at him and hung up on him. Then him and I got into this heated conversation about Connor and then he ended up saying that Connor was just like Leo and he was only using me for sex and shit. The thing is Connor doesn't even live in the same fucking state as me so there is no fucking way he could be using me for sex and then my dad continued by saying Connor was only planning to rape me and shit and flipped the fuck out. And then today while I was at school I talked to my friends and they all agreed with my dad so now I have no friends because they didn't even fucking know Connor so how the hell could they talk shit like that about Connor. I know him far fucking better then any of them do so they don't know fucking shit about him and I cut them all out of my life. Everyone who said shit like that. So don't ever start talking shit like that. I know Connor hurt me but that doesn't give someone the right to talk shit about him like that. I know him far better then any of you so fuck off. Sorry I've been blowing up on a lot of people. I don't even know why I'm saying that to my fucking journal, I mean It's not like you'll start talking shit about Connor or anything. Connor, I feel is still confused about why I'd stand up for him against my own flesh and blood but I already told him multiple times that I'd do it for anyone. What I didn't tell him is that I'm still in love with him and to this day him and I are still close friends and I just... I want him back but I don't. I don't know who else would understand what I am going through. He is my best friend but also the love of my life. I mean I know I'm only 16 and everyone says I'll find someone better but I don't know. Connor can be a dick and he tends to push people away, like I do, when he's angry and I sometimes pushed him too far but I still love him... I'm still in love with him. I just pray he never gets a hold of this. I don't want him to think I'm weird, although he already kinda does know how weird i am and how weird I can get so I really see no issue in him finding this other then keeping this private. Well I'll write next time I get a chance. 


Thanks Diary,

Love Jade

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