The Almost Normal Life Of Jade Kai

Jade Kai's life has been almost normal. Here is the diary entries of her life and what has happened


1. April 5th, 2017

Hey Diary,

      So my name as you know from the title of my blog that I am Jade Kai. I'm 16 and I live in the US. That's really all the info you'll get about where I live. 

     So my life hasn't been the most normal thing ever. Some of you have a life where you're going to school and getting great grades and going home to the perfect family of tow or three siblings and your parents are happily married and you're either head cheerleader or quarterback for your school's football team and the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend and you have what people call the picture perfect life. Mine isn't like that. Mine has been a big roller coaster of ups and downs starting from the day that I was born. My father left my mom soon after he found out she was pregnant with me and the main reason he left was because he believed that my mom had cheated on him and I wasn't really his. So he wasn't really in my life until I was older. And my mom raised me as a single parent for a while until she met my little sister's dad who is a complete prick. He left our lives when my sister was just a few weeks old. My mom then met my ex stepdad, Michael, he was a prick as well. He ended up getting arrested for making fake phone calls to the cops. Him and my mom got divorced, we stayed at the house we had just bought and he moved away, and then my mom married another guy named Harry. He's christian while my mom's not but their still together I have tow little brothers because of them so I can't really complain but him and I don't exactly see eye to eye on a lot of things like what I believe in. I believe in God and the Devil but I don't warship either so I'm not a christian or a satanist and I believe in somethings so I'm not an Atheist either so who knows what I am. All I do know is I have severe depression, mainly from feeding off of other peoples depression until I had actual reasons myself to be depressed. I'm Bipolar, I can be calm and rational at one point but then the next I'll be pissed because of something small and then I'll be depressed 10 minutes later. I'm a huge Rock and Roll fan. I'm what most people would call emo so there's that. I'm a smart student and I pass all my tests and do good on all my quizzes but when it comes to my homework I'm a failure. 

     So now you have a pretty minor intro to how my life is almost normal. I mean I have a happy family I have plenty of friends but its never going to be the Picture perfect life that some of you people have and I, for one, am definitely not normal. 


Love, Jade

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