You're cleaning out your attic one day and you find a box full of crystal balls. Each glass globe contains a single name. You break the glass globe on accident and immediatly a person appears. What happens next? Who is the person? Where do they take you and what do they say?


7. The Truth Can Hurt

         I opened the door and found myself in a hall of mirrors, I found myself to be shorter, my bosom was smaller, my hips were wider and my hair was longer than the day before. I had to keep reminding myself that I might be eighteen but in the glass world I was only a mere child. All my life I had been waiting to be an adult to only be trapped in a world where I had to wait four more years. I soon found myself in a hall of paintings, I found Mother and Father, I also found Regina and Sean with Angelina. I was confused because I found a portrait of myself as a baby in Regina’s arms. I found Rebecca and Marcus with Vivian.

         I hurried to the throne room and curtseyed to Lord James or should I say King James. I sat at his feet and he took a look at me. He played with my hair and gazed into my eyes. I felt like for years my life had been a lie. I wanted to know the real story about the glass globes and about whether or not I was the daughter of Regina and Sean. I wanted to know who Seraphine was and who James was. I stared into my father’s eyes and he smiled at me.

“Elizabeth you are even more beautiful then the day you were born.”

“Father I’ve heard numerous stories about my life. I just want to know the truth. Who am I? How many kingdoms does the Glass world have? What is up with the glass globes? Why was I in London for so long? Why in the hall of paintings is Regina hanging there if she’s so evil?”
“Elizabeth please stop asking me questions?”

“No Father I want to know the whole story.”

“The glass globes are a way to teleport between dimensions. Your mother used one of her spells to travel to London. She loved it so much she invented a portal for everyone. Her sisters Regina and Rebecca were jealous so when you were born they snatched away you and the portals. They wrote your name out beside theirs and claimed you as their own.”

“Please continue?”
“Regina and Sean sent a painting of you in her arms from what looked like London so your mother and I traveled there. Your mother had a baby and that baby died. She found your portal and broke it bringing you home. I decided to come back and end the bitter feud between your aunts and your mother. I locked their families away.”

“Mother didn’t want me to know because she wanted to raise me as normal as possible. You came back and when 1900 rolled around she returned home. You have pictures because they are my aunts. They wanted to bring me home because they wanted company in their cell or castle. What do they have?”
“It’s a kingdom full of criminals that has magical fences that can’t be penetrated. Your mother wrote that letter to convince you to break the globes releasing your aunts. We wanted to doom them to live in London but she forgot to tell you to break Regina and Rebecca’s portals.”

“This is all so confusing. So I was lied to my whole life to protect me?”

“Elizabeth you have to understand?”
“UNDERSTAND WHAT? I’m supposed to be 18 today but I’m only 14!”

         I stormed out of the throne room and ran down the endless maze of halls until I reached the outside world. Each blade of grass looked like an emerald. Each flower like a priceless gem, all the trees seemed to be made out of amber or silver and gold. The sky was like a big sheet of turquoise and the sun a big golden orb. Each pond was a sapphire and the birds were so majestic. The air smelled wonderful, it smelled like my mother. In the distance there was a patch of onyx and I knew that was where my aunts were.

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