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  • Published: 19 Apr 2017
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You're cleaning out your attic one day and you find a box full of crystal balls. Each glass globe contains a single name. You break the glass globe on accident and immediatly a person appears. What happens next? Who is the person? Where do they take you and what do they say?


4. The Globes and the Truth


         Dinner the night after I received my package was a good dinner but I could barely eat anything. My mind was to busy wondering about the glass globes of my childhood. Emetine had stated that once they had been in the cellar but they were no longer there or I would have come upon them playing house when I was a child of three and four. I remember playing down there and eating bits of sugar and bits of cakes before my mother found me and took me upstairs to play with my dolls and dollhouse.

         I ate my chicken and my vegetables before being served chocolate pudding. The glass globes kept coming into my head and I found myself searching through the attic late into the night searching for the box of globes engraved with names. I remembered being told that when one globe breaks another comes in its place and that once one was broken there was no going back. I searched for hours and got dust all over my clean blue dress. Finally as the sun peeked over the horizon the day before my birthday I only had two trunks left to search through. I opened the first trunk that was simple and wooden.

         The sunlight hit the glass as soon as I opened the trunk. Glass globes nearly filled the trunk to the brim and I cried because I had finally found the globes of my childhood. Inside right on top of another globe was something that got me down and I cried because that note held the truth about everything. I opened it and read my mother’s fragile handwriting.

Dear Elizabeth, if you are reading this that means that you have found the globes of your childhood. I was given these globes when I was fourteen from my aunt who was a magical being. When you look at the names you will find your mother and your father. I am not your mother and James isn’t your father. I being infertile was unable to bear children so James and I decided to break one of the globes and when we broke one you came out. But one globe appears in its place and the globe that appears is the person you love most. But, I’m dead so you don’t really love anyone. You can break as many as you want but you can’t break the one with my name on it. I’m sorry Elizabeth you’ll never see me again until you come to the world of the glass globes. I am here waiting for you, no matter what I am still your mother.  Love, Mother

         I laid the note down on the attic floor and picked a globe up from the box. I came from these globes, Lord James came from one of these and since Mother created them she went back to her world of glass people. I held the small globe in my hands and read the name on the label and it was engraved in silver. ‘Elizabeth Analise Mills, broken, shall return on her death bed, do not break again or she can’t return.’ I took a small box from a pile of boxes and placed my globe into the box, I tore a few pieces off my dress and made sure the box remained safe. Then I picked up another globe. ‘Lord James, broken, returned 18 years ago.’ ‘Lady Seraphine, returned five months ago.’ ‘ Lady Regina, Elizabeth’s mother, unbroken.’ I took that globe and laid it aside.

         I kept rummaging through and reading off names. ‘Lord Sean, Elizabeth’s father, unbroken.’ ‘Lady Rebecca, Elizabeth’s aunt.’ By the time I was done reading through names and finding anybody that had my name by it I had six globes. My parents, aunt and uncle, sister and cousin, I brought the globes downstairs after packing all the other globes back in the box. I put more boxes on top of that box and left it alone for the globes to break and turn to sand. I walked into my bedroom and found Amelia and Emetine straightening up my bedroom, they hadn’t cleaned my room in years.

“Have you been up all night?”

“Yes I have, I was finding the globes. I found them”

“So you found the note?”

“Yes and I’m going to break these globes. My parents, my sister, my cousin and my aunt with my uncle.”

“You break those globes they will take you with them. That’s why you got the paper clothes and the crown and the feather necklace.”

“So I bring them I go with them?”

“Elizabeth, your 18th is the last birthday a globe person stays on earth. Especially if you were broken without your parents.”

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