You're cleaning out your attic one day and you find a box full of crystal balls. Each glass globe contains a single name. You break the glass globe on accident and immediatly a person appears. What happens next? Who is the person? Where do they take you and what do they say?


8. Reversing the Aging Spell

Each person that milled out looked like glass and I realized where Mother came up with the stories of the Glass Kingdom. She wasn’t lying, she wasn’t telling me bedtime stories, she was sharing me pieces of information about the place I came from, about the world that I was born in.

It was so beautiful and the air smelled so perfect. The apples on the trees were beautiful and tasted like no apple I had ever tasted. I heard someone from behind me and I turned around. It was only Mother.

“Elizabeth, your father tells me you grew angry at him.”

“Yes Mother, I got mad at him. I’m 18 and I’m trapped in the body of a child. This is all so new and to think you lied to me.”

“Lizzie, I lied because if you had known the truth you would have come home too soon. You would have forced me to bring you here and you would have been captured. You’re fourteen because when you were fourteen you seemed to be the happiest and I don’t want you to grow up to fast. I want your childhood to be better here.”

“I’m sorry Mother this is all so confusing. If I wasn’t 14 I would probably go to town and party to clear my head.”

“I would offer you a drink but you’re 14 not 21.”

“Mother can’t you reverse the spell? Make me older than 14?”

“Elizabeth, I wish and pray that I could but the spell isn’t designed to do that.”

“Is there an aging spell?”

“Yes in the meadows beyond the onyx gates. You can go in but you can only come out with your feather necklace. You must disguise yourself. Your necklace will turn you into a bird. The flower is white with a red center.”

“Really, I can become eighteen again?”

“Yes but do you really want to risk Regina and Rebecca finding you?”

“Mother I am your daughter, they can’t touch me. You lost me twice and you won’t lose me again.”

         I embraced my mother and she held me close. I breathed in the scent of her perfume and then was engulfed in a burning light. A faerie messenger descended down from the sky and handed me the flower that Mother had just said was in the onyx prison. I held the flower and turned to Mother. She looked confused as the faerie flew away and returned to the direction in which she came. The flower came from with a note and I read the note out loud.

“ Dear Elizabeth, I know and I hear your wishes. I heard your plea to grow up and so being the kind mother that I am I brought you my daughter the flower of aging. It is the last one and I promise I didn’t enchant it for I would never hurt my child.”

“Mother I don’t trust her, I don’t trust your sister. Do you?”

“No but I do have a way to make sure it isn’t enchanted or defective. We have a criminal in need of transport and this is the perfect punishment. Age him or if the flower is broken send him to his prison.”

“What about me how will I be 18 like I should be?”

“Elizabeth, I promise you we will find a way.”

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