You're cleaning out your attic one day and you find a box full of crystal balls. Each glass globe contains a single name. You break the glass globe on accident and immediatly a person appears. What happens next? Who is the person? Where do they take you and what do they say?


12. Important Information

I slept peacefully and barely dreamed at all. I was running in a meadow and I found a grave bearing Regina’s name. I found a picture of her and saw that it wasn’t what I knew as Regina. This person’s grave she was sweet and serene. She had short curly hair and the reddest lips. Then I awoke after realizing that some evil witch had been tainting my aunt’s name and doing crimes in her name. My two aunts were probably locked away with their names being tainted and their husbands and children stolen from them or worse their husbands and children were dead. I had to find out. I woke and ran to Mother’s chambers. I found her in bed and shook her until she opened her blue eyes.
“Mother, Regina and Rebecca aren’t who they say they are?”

“Honey, I know Rebecca told me a couple days ago. Rebecca is safe at home. Bex told me that Regina was dead and Lady Grey of the North Winds, who’s an evil witch had taken Regina’ place. Marcus, Sean, Vivian and Angelina are wind spirits. Regina took Bex hostage and tainted my sister’s name.”

“So the dream was right. I’ve been asleep for how long?”

“A week, you sleep so peaceful. Your betrothal is in a few days.”

“Where is Rebecca?”
“I don’t know she might be with her child.”

“Bex has a child?”

“She’s been with child for 18 years. My sister Regina died 18 years ago. Lady Grey froze the pregnancy. Lady Grey is with child which means she can’t move. Lady Grey is without magic. Also when Lady Grey became pregnant the wind spirits all died.”

“So all we must do is defeat Grey and the onyx lands will be free for the criminals and there will be no more crime.”

“Yes Lizzie, I’m so sorry. I’ve already discussed this with the kingdom. Your father found your aunts body out beneath the apple tree. A memorial was built while you slept. She was such a sweet lady darling, I wish you could have met her.”

“I know Mother, I do too. All those stories about your sisters, they were wonderful. Regina was an amazing lady.”

“Go on child, get dressed. Rebecca wants to meet you and you shall meet your new cousin.”


         I ran back to my room, it was odd to see an adult running through the palace. I guess I was a child at heart but I was to be married. My servants changed me into a long green dress with silver sleeves. I slipped silver shoes onto my feet and my hair was tied back with a silver fishnet bonnet. I found my way to Bex by listening to her sweet voice and the soft cry of a baby. She must have had the baby as soon as Lady Grey became with child. I leaned against the door and listened to her voice. She sang the most beautiful song.

         My life was full of lies trying to protect my innocent soul but the lies and the stories all stopped while I listened to my aunt’s voice. I remembered listening to that voice a long time ago. I was about a few weeks old and it was right before everyone died and I was kidnapped. Mother sang the song of Rebecca when I was growing up. She wanted me to grow up with home away from home.

“Constant as the stars above

Always know that you are loved

And my love shining in you

Will help you make your dreams come true

Will help your dreams come true

The lamb lies down to rest her head

On her mother’s downy bed

Dolphin plays in the moonlight’s glow

As butterfly dreams of a violet rose

Dreams of a violet rose.”

         Rebecca ended the song and continued to rock her little infant. I leaned against the doorway and smiled. Rebecca looked up at me and smiled. I straightened up and bowed.

“No need to bow to me, I’m just your mean old witch of an aunt.”

“I apologize for that. I was told stories.”

“Lizzie, it’s fine. Do you want to meet her?”

         I walked into the nursery and cried upon seeing it. It looked exactly like the one in London. This was my nursery when I born before Rebecca was controlled by Lady Grey and before Lady Grey stole me from my mother. I leant over Rebecca and stared down at the baby. She was the spitting image of her mother with red curls, big blue eyes and a round little face. She was rosy red and as I stroked her face she was so soft.

“Aunt Rebecca, she’s so beautiful.”

“This was your room, I used to sing to you.”

“I remember. I love you aunt Bex.”

“I love you too Lizzie.”

“What’s her name?”

“Her name is Cheyenne.”

“That’s beautiful, are you going to attend the betrothal ceremony?”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

         I kissed my new cousin and then gave my beautiful aunt a huge hug and a peck on her cheek. I left and shut the nursery door behind me. I heard Bex begin singing again as she rocked the chair back and forth. I didn’t know what to do but I did know I wasn’t going to mope around and sleep. I needed to find Mother and Father. We needed to plan a course of action for defeating Lady Grey. She was pregnant which means she didn’t have her minions or her magic. I needed to dive deep into Aunt Regina’s spell books to find a way to capture the witch and remove the infant. The baby would need someone to care for it. 

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