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  • Published: 19 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 19 Apr 2017
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You're cleaning out your attic one day and you find a box full of crystal balls. Each glass globe contains a single name. You break the glass globe on accident and immediatly a person appears. What happens next? Who is the person? Where do they take you and what do they say?


13. Betrothal Plans?

I found Father in the throne room talking to Liam. As soon as I entered the room Liam walked over and kissed my hand. I smiled as he took my hand and led me to the throne. I gave my Father a hug and pecked his cheek. Mother was off in the corner discussing something with Queen Elsa and a few maids. They were probably getting read to ambush me and force me into a dress. Growing up in London, whenever Mother bought me a new dress I would sigh because I hated dresses. I’m not that much of a girly-girl if you ask me. Father and Liam went back to discussing important matters whilst I stood there like a bump on a log during a warm spring day.

“Father, I need to speak to you.”

“Alright Lizzie, I’m finishing up with Liam now.”

“I need to talk to Mother as well.”

“She’s discussing dress details with Elsa.”

“What color is my dress, may I ask?”

“It’s going to be either a light green or a faded sapphire blue. Your wedding dress on the other hand will be your mother’s, your grandmother’s, your great-grandmother’s, your great-great-grandmother’s and one day your daughter’s.”

“I’m wearing a dress from 100 years ago?”

“It was sewn long before that. It’s the dress that all Glass Queens wear at their wedding. The dress is enchanted to never tear, grow with the modern fashion and keep it’s new look.”

“Father, thats absurd.”

“Let me finish with Liam please Lizzie.”

         I left Father and Mother to discuss my betrothal and wedding but in the mean time I needed to get to work. I left the throne room and went up the library. If aunt Regina’s spell book wasn’t in the library then I didn’t know where it was. When I was younger Mother told me stories about the library. She said it was about the size of the park across the street and full of books from wall to wall. There was fireplace the height of a grown man and huge armchairs for me to sit and read. There were lamps in my favorite princesses colors and desk that could fit fifty books upon. She never told me where it was because I was too young and didn’t yet know about this world or this palace.


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