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  • Published: 19 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 19 Apr 2017
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You're cleaning out your attic one day and you find a box full of crystal balls. Each glass globe contains a single name. You break the glass globe on accident and immediatly a person appears. What happens next? Who is the person? Where do they take you and what do they say?


15. Betrothal Ceremony

The day was warm and a sweet smell filled the palace as I drifted to the throne room. Mother and Father were already there along with various kings and queens attending as guests. I hadn’t yet done my hair or makeup, I hadn’t even put on the betrothal dress but when I stepped into the throne room they all turned in awe. Aunt Rebecca came over holding Baby Cheyenne. The little princess was swaddled in blankets and was still rosy red. She had a tiny nose and she was sleeping.

“Lizzie, you look beautiful. I can’t wait to see the ceremony tonight.”

“I’m glad we rescheduled or two weeks ago I would’ve had a June wedding.”

“Now you have a July wedding. Getting engaged to be married in June.”

“Better than being engaged on my birthday.”

“Lizzie, I admire you and I thank you for choosing to stand up towards Lady Grey. You are seeking revenge for Regina’s death, something I would never be able to do.”

“You are mistaken, I leave it to the hands of the universe to seek revenge on someone who wrongs me. In Lady Grey’s case I am merely pushing Mother Nature along at a fast rate.”

“I love you Elizabeth, and thank you for everything.”

         I gave Aunt Rebecca a hug and then turned to let all the guests finish admiring me. I walked up to the throne and sat beside Father. Mother leaned over to my father and whispered something in his ear. Father leant over to me and relayed the message.

“Your mother says you need to begin getting ready for the ceremony.”


“Getting ready for a betrothal ceremony requires getting dressed, practicing the exchange of rings and then finally the ceremony itself.”

“I’ll start getting ready at noon then.”

“Fine, I’ll give Seraphine your message.”

         Lunch was brought in a quarter till noon. I wasn’t hungry at all but I did attempt to drink my wine and eat a little bit of soup. Mother and Father ate heartily. After the food was put away I dismissed myself and left. I wasn’t to go back to my bedroom but down to the sacred room where a bride sits and gets ready before her wedding. I walked down sixteen steps and into a magnificent room that was full of natural lighting. Mother did my hair and a maid did my makeup. I slipped on the sea foam colored dress and then my nails were painted a silver color of sorts. I was given blue glass slippers to wear on my feet and I was happy.

         After getting dressed I looked up at the clock and realized that the sun was about to begin setting. I hurried up the stairs and to the doors of the ballroom. The doors opened and I walked down the hall to Liam, he smiled and took my hand. I took the gold ring and he took the silver. Father asked Liam a question.

“Do you Liam take Elizabeth to be your betrothed?”

“Yes sir I do”

         Then Mother stepped forward and had a question for Liam.

“Do you Liam promise to take care of my darling little girl?”

“Yes ma’am I do”

         Together my parents both said.

“Then it is by the power invested in us that we seal this vow.”

         Liam put the silver ring on my right ring finger and kissed my cheek. The ring glowed red and after that no matter what I did, it wouldn’t come off. Liam’s father stepped forward and asked me a question.

“Do you Elizabeth take Liam to be your betrothed?”

“Yes sir I do take him.”

         Then Queen Elsa stepped forward to ask me a question.

“Do you Elizabeth promise to take care of my son?”

“Yes your majesty it is my honor to care for your son as my husband when the time comes.”

         Then Queen Elsa and King Jack spoke in harmony.

“Then it is by the power invested in us that we seal this vow.”

         I placed the ring on Liam’s finger and his turned red as well. Then the doors to the ballroom were thrown open. In came a very heavily pregnant Lady Grey and she resembled my late Aunt Regina so much it sickened me. She held a dagger in my hand and the next thing I knew it was hurling towards my father. I blocked the dagger and it stabbed me in the chest. I collapsed on the ground and said.

“This is what I get for breaking those globes.”

         My world turned to utter blackness and I knew I would never wake up ever again.

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