You're cleaning out your attic one day and you find a box full of crystal balls. Each glass globe contains a single name. You break the glass globe on accident and immediatly a person appears. What happens next? Who is the person? Where do they take you and what do they say?


11. Bestowing the Gift of Punishment

I stepped forward and faced my two aunts. I stared at them and they slowly backed away from their own mirror. Then my soft voice bellowed out into a roaring alto. All the royal subjects smiled in fear as I yelled at my two aunts that were just plain mean.

“What do you want? Why do you bring it up now? I’m fixing to get betrothed and after 18 years you decide HEY I WANT THE THRONE! YOU UNGREATFUL WITCHES! YOU SHOULD HAVE HAD YOUR UTERUS RIPPED OUT FOR SNATCHING A BABY!”

“No Elizabeth we wouldn’t have had a hysterectomy.”

“NO the punishment for snatching a baby is a vasectomy and hysterectomy! READ THE BOOK OF RULES YOU IDIOTS!”

“OK don’t yell at me ELIZABETH!”


“Regina, what do you want? If it is applicable you might just get it!”

“Elizabeth, I know what I want, I want Elizabeth, and I want a daughter named Elizabeth.”

“Oh and you shall your daughter!”

“Lizzie, what are you doing? She wants you!”

“No Mother she said she wanted a daughter named Elizabeth! She shall have her daughter.”


         I took a rose petal out of my pocket. The people gasped, these rose petals came from London when Mother died; I kept them in my pocket for months. A rose petal from a funeral gives the person who eats them a child after the likeness of the person who picked the flower. Regina would have her Elizabeth, she would have a child in the likeness of me and then maybe she would be happy. Regina signed the paper I stuck through the mirror and I took it back. I handed her the petal and the people watched as she ate it.

“Now Elizabeth comes here! You are mine!”

“No Regina, you didn’t read the small print. You asked for a daughter named Elizabeth and I’m not your daughter.”

         Regina stared down at her stomach and doubled over in pain. She vanished from the mirror and we all could hear her screams from somewhere inside her dark palace. Rebecca began to speak and I had never heard her speak before.

“Princess Elizabeth, I have something I would like to say. I must tell you the truth. Marcus isn’t my husband he’s Regina’s. Vivian isn’t mining either.”

         By now it was another day, it wasn’t even my birthday anymore. I hadn’t slept in a day and I was exhausted. I bid everyone farewell and traveled up to my bedroom. Yesterday I had woken up before dawn and now I was going to bed after morning. Today I vowed to sleep the day away and maybe in a couple days we could have a proper betrothal ceremony. 

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