Throughout the dusk; a creature with four limbs is seen on their night watch. Two pure circles surround the watchmen. Every time a star shines- a new moment holds a memory close to heart. Four wheels leave a trail behind for any living unit to follow. Almost as if they want something to follow the right path. Dusty roads, broken down structures once build by what were once called; ‘Man’. Now? there’s nothing to fear as fear itself.





Everything had been leading up to this moment. I’m not a woman who hides away when someone has stood her up. I have a backbone, but I’m not sure how to use it sometimes. My stupid father couldn’t have taught me anything about bullying. I had to suffer it for my own perspective to evolve from nothing. My brother is actually the one person who told me how to stand up for myself. After being removed from our school due to almost strangling the life out of Carly. Okay, I know she’s a bitch, but that doesn’t mean he was in the right to almost choke her to death. Besides, I’m sure one day a man will choke her to death with his Diego D. Oops, I almost spoke out of context.

The stairs leading up to Mr. D. It’s like I had been given the opportunity to go up there, and talk him down like the real rat he is. Instead, I was feeling drowsy, I had to take several more sips of the drink Astra had given me on the way back to the Entertainment Room. The worst part was how it wasn’t just an empty staircase, I had to witness several horny-crazed teenagers with no respect for others; eating out of each other’s mouths. I pushed my way through Alex as he was too busy holding his- ugh, I won’t even go into detail with this. On my way to the first step, I’m pushed against the wall by another romantic couple going crazy with their kissing ordeal. Now left with a slight bruise on my face, I hold onto the railing leading up the many steps.

Being given the opportunity to talk to Diego alone was enough reason to throw myself up the stairs. As my hand grasped the railing, I could feel the adrenaline kicking in. Every five second drum rattle the stairs. My feet feeling the force of every beat. My legs almost wobbling from the dizziness surrounding me. Just as I went a few steps higher, I fell back down a few more. Lifting myself up to the halfway point whilst almost pushed back down by another two with the woman dragging him upstairs. From that bump I had dropped the Vodka all over the stairs. I don’t know what had got into me, I felt the need to guzzle up every last drop. Everyone else was out of their fucking minds, so why couldn’t I do the same? There weren’t any rules at this party. So, on my hands and knees- looking like a spastic spider, I held the bottle leaking out puddles of Vodka.

“OMG, it’s almost like you didn’t notice me.” Bryanna screams downstairs.

“Move it, I want to actually make it this time.” Ryan pushes past me with his lengthy arms clobbering my upper lip.

Every few minutes, I’m left with another bruise or graze from the many that are too horny. I can’t hide it, it’s obvious that they all have one thing on their mind. I’ve seen the outcasts get lucky, and I even got to see the gothic groups get together in their own dark rooms. It wasn’t long until I had witnessed the nerd clique kissing, and I couldn’t help but watch on as I saw the bitch who didn’t deserve a man for her intelligence. Well, Carly’s words- not my own. She also had gotten down with a man that night. It’s like the music was brainwashing us all into thinking that sex and drugs is all that matters.

Finally reaching the top of the stairs almost falling against the wall from exhaustion. My body feels floppy, and my head just want to spin out of control. I’m officially an out of control android that needs to recharge. Head thudding, music blasting, and girls bumping. I’m still thinking of Diego as he is nowhere to be seen at the top of the stairs. It didn’t take me too long to notice that all doors were locked, and many doors were left open not caring about privacy at all. Maybe they just thought that none of us downstairs would even be able to climb these stairs in our drunken states.

“Ugh, if I had asked for you to fill my sandals with your toxic shit, I would have asked for it.” A blonde girl said feeling grossed out over something a guy had done to her.

“Do you think he will want me after having Carly?” Jess asks feeling unsure about her own self-image.

“Not with that attitude, I doubt he’d want anyone other than Carly.” Another laughs.

Legs weaker than usual, I wobble over to the left, and waddle over to my right. My right is my left; I don’t think it makes much sense looking at back at it. Come to think of it, I don’t think the whole night made any sense. Throwing you right into the action has always been something I’m not very good at holding back on. I guess it’s due to the dramatic days of being surrounded by a fake family. Anyways, I don’t think you want to read about my problems. How about I just continue with this night of Hell.

“I would go over to her.” I hear a voice coming from one of my ears. “I just don’t think she’ll talk to me after yesterday.”

Just as I was about to hurl, my body wants to drop dead. Nothing seems to keep me upright except my tangled up legs. I’m pushed side to side as more continue to dash upstairs. Right in the middle of a conversation, I push myself forward almost falling against one of the doors praying that it will be locked. Sometimes I didn’t get so lucky, stumbling over into one of the rooms with others having sex. I stepped forward then backwards, and almost falling over again; I climb up against the wall supporting my weight. The entire room is spinning, and my head wants to fall off. Ryan pushes me out the way as I fall into a puddle of vomit. On my way back no longer feeling sure about confronting Diego like this.

Ryan’s woman runs back to me with his hand tightly gripped in her claws. Just as I’m about hurl, she hands me another bottle with half of the amount remaining inside. I take a sip almost falling over from the extra pressure. My vision fading a little, my body wanting to crumble into dust. I see from the corner of my left, right eye as Venus fades away towards the stairs. I shouted out her name; ‘Venus!’ but she didn’t hear me. As I wiped my eyes of the uncontrollable tears; I could then see that it wasn’t Venus who I had saw. Just Carly looking a whole lot like her from drinking too much with that douchebag.

I held myself back up, and watched Ryan be dragged away towards another door that looked different to all the others. I couldn’t quite put it together, and it would have been more obvious if I had taken notice of the house more. But my head was in other places, and I couldn’t put the pieces together. This was actually a larger house that I first thought, and then remembered that this wasn’t Venus’s house. It was the more expensive house that belonged to her grown up cousin. A real party queen, and she’s one of the best people you could come to know.

Feeling like the need to hurl again, I just couldn’t get it out of my system. It clung to my stomach, it wouldn’t let go of my body. Every urge, I coughed and spluttered out a whole lot of drizzle. No wonder I’m called Rain, I drizzle, I even trickle down the windows with tears that aren’t always my own. This world cries just like me, and in my world; I’m left crying on my own. Nobody there to support me, and not a single person comes over to make sure that I’m okay. Everyone were too hung up on getting laid. I guess it was rather having Sex or drink feeling sorry for yourself.

“Carly’s been in there for a whole- OH, I mean she’s been in there for a long fucking time!” A girl screams not even coming to the realisation that Carly left that room not too long ago.

“She’s just making the most of things.” Another girl replies, “I think we’d all be in there longer than her.”

All these conversations going on, music hammering the floor beneath us. The ceiling spinning no longer resembling what it once was. Everything just spins, and my head continues to rotate around like an Owl. There’s one thing that kept me awake, the motivation to speak to Diego. Some reason I wanted to confront him now more than ever. It was rather speaking to him at school, or just go to him tonight and make sure that he hears what he needs to hear from someone who knows what he is.

Falling against that unusual door, I looked up to see that it was many more stairs to climb. Looking around me, I wasn’t the only person who had ended their journey here. I could see many passed out students laying against the wall with an empty bottle staring them in the face rather than them staring into it. Even Hazel hadn’t gotten lucky; she was just on the ground with her face smudged against the first step. It even looked like most of them had hurled on the way up as I could smell the stench from a mile away. That music didn’t stop, and it was the only thing that was going to stay strong throughout this entire night.

“WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU PUT IN MY DRINK?!” A loud voice just about blocked out the music.

“Nothing, I just wanted us to…” I just about heard her voice, she didn’t sound too happy.

“It’s not like you ever take any notice of what you’re doing to people.” Ouch, those were some painful words to hear.

“Don’t be like that, just stay. I didn’t mean to spike your drink!” Her voice continued to sound distressed.

“Why don’t you just crawl back down with Hazel?” His voice sounded way too harsh for words.

A loud thud erupted my eardrums, and I could hear a woman crying as a door slammed not long after. Some people think that closing door on someone you love is going to make you cry. But when that door is about to close? That’s when the real tears come out. I couldn’t do it. I just had no energy in me to approach the first step. Meeting Hazel with her hazy eyes, I could see that she was stone cold. The others were sleeping, and Hazel didn’t look too cosy. Her face plastered against the first step; I tried to use the last of my strength to lift her off the step. She was a friend after all, and I couldn’t just leave her to be trampled on.

‘Hazel, people just walk all over you. And the worst part about it is that you just let them.’

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