Adgke and The Holy Bible

Det handler om manden Adgke, som finder en en religion som alle mennesker hopper på. Det ender med at gå galt og næsten hele verden falder for hans løgn.


2. The bible

Well.. what would we call the book (Said Misguala) 

The holy bible! (said Adgke). Everyone agreed.

They started with creating a story about how the ''god'' made the world in 6 days, and relaxed the 7th.

Haha, this sunday is the only day people can relax! (said Agdke) 

Then there was the story about Adam and Eve, the fist humans. Yeah!, and we are gonna make women the sinners!, then we are gonna make something that forces women to never leave us!.(Said Adgke)

(Everyone agrees)

WAIT!!(Yelled Misguala) 

What about an god son!,(Said Misguala) Why should we do that (said Adgke)

Because if we did that, people would believe that ''god'' loves then, and wanted to sacrifice his son for our sins!. (Said Misguala).

Sins.. like cheating.. and and.. killing people?..(Said Adgke) Murderes should be told that when they die they are gonna suffer for eternety!. (Said Mishguala)

They all began writing small stories in the book, while giggling.



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