Double Hemmings

Adam Lancaster is your typical nerd but without the whole nerd look. He's good in school; always gets straight A's; and he is even what you would define as slightly attractive. Nothing is great about Adams current life.
Six months ago, it was completely fine. It was exactly the way Adam wanted it to be, but events made it impossible for Adam to fully be himself and by himself. At some point on his journey through life, Adam figure out something about himself, that he never even thought was there.


5. 5

-Luke Hemmings-

I watch him walk away from me with a sinking feeling. I can’t get myself to call for him or run after him so I just stand there.

“Why aren’t you running after him?” Calum asks with a hand on my shoulder. I just shrug unable to form real sentences.

“Who is he anyway?” Michael asks. I shrug again.

“If only I knew,” I answer and walk towards the dressing room. Once we were all in the dressing room the other boys couldn’t contain their questions.

“Was it that guy from the pictures?” Ashton asks referring to the other night. I nod. He looks surprised. I wouldn’t blame him.

“So, Adam is, like, your long-lost twin thing or something?” Michael asks and throw himself on the couch. I shrug.

“I don’t think so,” I answer truthfully. “It’s probably just one of those doppelgangers people say you have,” I add with a shrug. 

“Yeah, maybe. They say there can be a freaky resemblance,” Calum comments.

“Sure, but nothing like that!” Ashton protests, being the only one that have seen the pictures, too. “Didn’t you see it? It was all basically the same!” He continues, listing things up as he goes. “The hair color, the eyes color, the build, the style, the height. Dude, even your teeth are alike.” I shake my head with a smile.

“How did you even see that?” I ask with a little laugh. Ashton smile to me and shrug.

“I’m just observant,” he answers. “But seriously Luke. What were you planning on doing anyway?” I shrug.

“I really don’t know,” I answer truthfully with scoff. “I really have no idea.”

“It is so much more than just a doppelganger,” Ashton comments and close the bathroom door behind him. Michael has somehow managed to fall asleep and Calum is looking through his phone. I throw myself in the other couch and hope to get just a few minutes of sleep.


I’m woken up by a harsh slap to the stomach. I groan and role onto the floor in surprise. I grunt and look up at my grinning bandmate.

“Why did you do that?” I ask annoyed. What a horrible way to wake up. He just shrugs and stalks off. I look at the clock and groan. 7:46 pm. I roll my eyes and get up from the floor. I step out of the dressing room and towards the side of the stage. I look out at the crowd; at all the excited fans and think about the times I have been the fan at a concert. It’s an amazing feeling. The rush of adrenaline is addicting. I look at the many One Direction posters and smile at the few 5 Seconds of Summer banners peeking out in between.

A stage worker hands me my guitar and I put in my earpiece. There is set up for us on the stage, and when the countdown hit zero, the fans cheer. Ashton disappear onto the stage behind his drum kit and Mikey and I strum our guitars for the opening number.

“Are you ready L.A?” Ash yell into his mic so it can be heard over the loud cheering. I smile and stand in front of the mic just as the song really starts.


“Thank you, Los Angeles, you have been amazing!” I shout into my microphone and jog off stage. I exhale deeply as my guitar is removed from my shoulder. I high five the 1D lads, wish them good luck with their concert and go to the dressing room. I’m greeted my Lou as she plays but her daughter. I smile at the sight and jog to the bathroom. I shower and do my business and walk out into the big room again with a towel around my hips. Louise is gone, probably watching the show. I don’t know where the other boys are, but I can’t really get myself to worry. Either they are at the hotel, asleep, are they are somewhere in this arena doing God know what.

I walk to my hanger with clothes and finds a set of clean clothes on the table beside it. I grin. You have to love Lou. I put on the clothes and collect my stuff. I walk out of the dressing room and to the side of the stage where I was standing earlier.

I love watching 1D perform and to see the fans’ reaction to them in hilarious. I laugh at Harry’s expression as a bra hit his face. Black lace, hot. I snicker when I get eye contact with him. I wiggle my eyebrows and he scoff into his microphone in the middle of a song. I smirk and waddles out like the penguin I am.

“Luke!” Ashton yells down the hallway. I look at him and raise an eyebrow.

“What the hell are you planning?” I ask and snicker at the pies in his hands and the mask on his face.  

“We are just gonna freak the lads a little,” he answers just as Michael and Calum come out of the dressing room with pies and masks.

“Wanna join?” Mikey asks and hold out a spare mask with a wicket expression.

“Hell yeah,” I answer and make the mask and a pie. They cheer me on and together we invade the stage.


Pie everywhere. Suddenly I understand why Calum, Ashton and Michael waited to shower. After my second shower, I’m lying on my hotel bed with my phone in my hands, aimlessly scrolling through my twitter. I favorite some of them and retweet a few, too. That is until I reach some tweets about Adam and pictures to compare the two of us. I look at them for a while before exiting the app and clicking on the text app. I click on Adam’s name and hover over the keyboard. I bite my lip and furrow my eyebrows. I really want to talk to him about what happened earlier, but I don’t know how. Before I could even write anything, a text from Adam appeared.

“Don’t bother to contact me.” The text says. I groan and throw my phone on the other end of the bed.

“What’s up, mate?” Calum asks looking up from his own phone.

“It’s just Adam. He just texted me telling me to never bother to contact him,” I sigh.

“Who is he anyway?” He asks. I look at my best friend and bandmate. I sigh and run a hand through my hair. So, I tell him. It’s a short story as there is not much to tell. I only just met him today. What a day is has been.

“So, all that happened today?” He asks with raise eyebrows. I just nod. “Dude, how did you find him?”

“Some fans from his school thought it would be fun to let some pictures on him surf the internet until it came to me.” Cal just nod with an impressed expression.

“It’s a wicket resemblance though,” He adds with a shrug. I just nod and turn my attention back to my phone.

“Why?” I type. I just want to know why, so I can do something about it.

“Because you’re famous, and I don’t like it,” he replies. My heart drops in my chest. Okay, that I can not change.

“Okay, I understand.” I press send and lock my phone. Fair enough, Adam, fair enough. As per usual my fame pops in and ruin things for me once again. I can never have nice things. I love my fans and I love making music, but I don’t like all the consequences of fame.

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