Double Hemmings

Adam Lancaster is your typical nerd but without the whole nerd look. He's good in school; always gets straight A's; and he is even what you would define as slightly attractive. Nothing is great about Adams current life.
Six months ago, it was completely fine. It was exactly the way Adam wanted it to be, but events made it impossible for Adam to fully be himself and by himself. At some point on his journey through life, Adam figure out something about himself, that he never even thought was there.


3. 3

The next morning, I wake up to an unbearable headache and an extremely sore everything. Luckily, it's Saturday, so I'm not going to school before Monday. I walk into the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror. I have a black eye on at the size of Russia, a split lip and bruises scattering all the way down my chest, every mark almost completely black. I sigh and turn on the shower. I do my business and walk into my walk-in-closet. I dress in a black long sleeved sweater and black skinny jeans. I put on black ankle socks.

I walk down the stairs, and to my utter surprise, my parents are sitting in the kitchen talking with serious faces.

"Uh, good morning," I greet and grab an apple from the fridge. I winch slightly when I take a bite, my lower lip throbbing.

"Good morning, honey, slept well?" My mother asks. I just nod with a small smile. When she sees my face her smile immediately vanishes. She gets up from her seat and rushes towards me.

"What the hell happened, Adam?" She asks with worry and barely touches my bruised eye with her fingertips. I wince and flinch back from her touch.

"Nothing, I'm fine," I answer. She raises her eyebrows at me.

"Nothing? That is not nothing, Adam! Who did this to you?"

"No one! I ran into the door yesterday, okay? That's all," I answer and look down at her. She searches my face and just sigh.

"Alright," she says and takes her place once again beside my father. "Come sit, Adam, we need to discuss something with you," she adds and gesture to the empty seat in from of her. I frown but sit in the chair anyway.

"What's up?" I ask, leaning back into the soft leather chair. My parents look at each other and then back at me.

"There's something we have been neglecting to tell you, Adam, dear," my mother start and intertwine her fingers with my fathers.

"What?" I ask, suddenly feeling nervous.

"You're adopted," my father finally says and looks at me carefully. My world stops and my head starts to spin. I'm adopted? It all suddenly makes so much more sense to me. The fact that I don’t look anything like any of my parents; that I resemble this Luke guy; that I've always felt lonely and out of place. It's simply because I don't belong in this family.

"Why are you telling me this?" I ask in a whisper.

"Because you deserve to know the truth. We know it's a little late, but we just thought-"

"Yeah, it's a little too late to tell me. You could have told me years ago. I would have understood. I'm seventeen, an only child, basically living in this house by myself. You don't know how it is to be me. I've always felt out of place, like I don't belong here, and now I know why," I say and get up from my seat. Ignoring my parents calls and I slam my bedroom door shut behind me, locking it.

To be told by the people you’re supposed to call your parents – your flesh and blood – that they are really not, can leave a person with mixed emotions. I don’t know what I’m supposed to feel. I don’t know if I should laugh, cry or both, so I just lay in my bed and stares at ceiling thinking about absolutely nothing. My thoughts are all over the place so I can’t focus om anything. Therefore, I just lay there, barely remembering how to breath. I simply feel like I’m suffocation.


I was rudely ripped out of my none existing thoughts by my phone ringing in my back pocket. I groan loudly and fish out my iPhone 6s. I look at the ID-caller to see an unknown number located in the United Kingdom. I raise an eyebrow but answer it anyway.

"Uh, hello?" I greet the person on the other end.

"Hi, am I speaking to Adam Lancaster?" The person asks with an accent that is defiantly not British. However, he can’t any be older than me.

"Yes, that's me," I answer and sit up. Why the hell is this person calling me?

"Great, uh, my name is Luke Hemmings," he says, obviously hesitant about mentioning his full name. "And I have something I would like for us to discuss," he says and clean his throat. Wait. Luke Hemmings? As in that dude from that band?

"Uh, sure," I answer, dragging out the word 'sure'. "About what exactly?"

"Can we meet up? It's not something we can talk about over the phone," he stats nervously.

"But aren't you in, like, England?" I ask stupidly. He lets out a little laugh and I smile slightly.

"My number is, but I'm on a… vacation in L.A at the moment," he answers, pausing his sentence half way probably searching for the right words to say without giving away too much.

"Okay, I guess we can meet," I answer cautiously almost making it sound like a question. I hear him let out a breath of relief.

"Great! Meet me at the fountain at the Grove in, like, twenty minutes," he says and hang up. I slowly remove the phone from my ear and look astonished at it. The Grove is at the Farmers Market - that's half an hour drive from here! I get up from my bed, grab my sunglasses, and walk out of my bedroom. I walk down the stairs, and I’m greeted by my parents that are in the same position I left them not even thirty minutes ago. My dad is comforting my mom who was obviously sobbing into her hands. I sigh and close the front door behind me. I walk to the garage and get into my car. I drive out the driveway and onto the busy L.A streets.

Twenty-five minutes later I reach an open parking lot and park there. I get out of my car, lock it behind me and walk the rest of the way to the Grove. I reach the fountain about five minutes later and take a seat at the fountain railing looking out into the busy crowd of tourists and local residents, waiting for something to stick out.

"Adam?" A voice sound from my left. I turn my head and look at the stranger through my sunglasses. He is wearing a pair of almost identical sunglasses, his blond hair styled to perfection, and a small grin on his pierced lips. I nod and slip off my sunglasses, standing up from my previous position.

"Luke?" I ask. He also simply nods and takes off his sunglasses as well, his blue eyes brightening in the hot Los Angeles sun. He looks into my blue eyes a little choked.

"Let's go inside and talk, shall we?" He asks and gesture to the Grove. I nod and followed his tall, black clad figure.

We decide on a small cozy restaurant, just inside the Grove. We order only drinks. We sit and talk.

"So, you're Luke Hemmings?" I ask stupidly, not really knowing how else to start a conversation. He smiles amused and laugh slightly.

"The one and only," he answers biting his lip ring. I smile and shake my head.

"What did you want to talk about?" I ask looking at him.

"I saw the pictures some fans tweeted to me on Twitter, and I got curious." I raise my eyebrows.

"What photos?" From what I can recall I have only one photo on Twitter, and that my profile picture. It's a black and white where you can barely see my face. Luke take out his phone and type on it a few times before showing me. It's a photo of me in school at my locker. It's taken from the side, so you can't really see my entire profile.

"Oh," I answer as he places his locked iPhone on the table in front of him. "Sorry 'bout that," I add.

"What are you apologizing for? This is not your fault, and I really don't mind it," Luke answer. I smile a smile that don’t quite reach my eyes and shrug.

"What did you want to talk about?" I repeat as I didn’t get an answer the first time.

"I want to talk to you about your family actually," Luke answer cautiously. My body visibly tense and my hands tighten into fists.

"What about that?" I ask warily. Luke seem unfazed by my reaction and simply continue.

"Do you have any siblings?" I shake my head tensely.

"No, an only child," I answer. "Do you?" He nods with a smile. I feel jealousy form in the pit of my stomach and my heart clench with the oh-so-familiar sadness. I smile a fake smile.

"Cool," I answer. "How many?"

"Two older brothers. They're a real pain the ass but I worship the time I have with them when I finally do have time," he replies with a little smile. I simply nod as if I understand, when in reality, I really don’t. The silent is broken by the sound of Luke's phone ringing. He and I both jump slightly at the loud noise and he hurry to take the call.

"Hello? ... Hey man! ... What? Oh shit! I'll be there as soon as I can!" He hangs up and almost jump up from the chair. He slams a bill on the table and looks at me. I get up from my seat and look at him in confusion.  

"Would you like to join me at sound check? I really want to get to know you." I only nod and follow closely after him as he briskly exits the Grove.

“Do you have a car?”  I only nod and we jog to the parking lot. "To the Forum, please," Luke says. I start up the car and drive out of the parking lot towards the Forum.

"What was that about?" I ask with a nervous laugh.

"I totally forgot I have a concert tonight. Sound check starts in five minutes, and I'm not there," Luke explain. "God dammit!" He run a hand through his blond styled hair, a stressed look on his face.

"Oh." I don't know how to react to this, it's new territory.

Soon we arrive to the Forum and Luke instructs for me to drive around to the back, and we can both see the number of girls in front of the door. None of us would ever get through there. He gestures for me to follow him to a door. He opens it and is greeted by a big muscular man, definitely security. He looks between Luke and me with a surprised expression.

"Hello, Mr. Hemmings, the boys are waiting for you on stage," the man explain. Luke nod and enters the building through the door, me following closely behind avoiding any form of eye contact.

"Who's 'the boys'?" I ask as we walk through multiply hallways. He must know this place.

"Michael, Calum and Ashton, my bandmates. “You will meet them later," he answers. I nod. "Now you go down that hallway and take a right. Go through the doors and you should be in the audience," he adds and points the hallway towards our right. Then he just continues to run down the hall and take a right. I gape at him. The audience? Oh, my God, what if anyone sees me, it would be so embarrassing! I walk down the hall anyways, take a right as he told me, and surely there is double-doors leading to the seats of the audience. A couple of girls and a single guy is sitting on seats closer to the stage clearly excited. They must have sound check tickets, too. I look at the stage and take a seat a few rows away from the fans so I won’t be seen by any of them, hopefully. I really don't want that attention.

"Hello!" A guy on the stage with bright red hair and a guitar over his shoulders greets into his microphone, dragging out the word. "It seems like our dear Lukey isn't here, so -" he’s interrupted by a scream from one of the girls. I cover my ears cringing. I look up again and discover her reason for screaming. Lukey has finally entered the stage, his guitar over his shoulders and a bright smile on his pierced lips.

"Look who has finally decided to join us! Mr. Luke Hemmings everybody!" The guy with bold curls behind the drums laugh into his microphone. His laugh is contagious. I can’t help but laugh as little laugh myself.

"Hi! Sorry for the delay, I was in the middle of... something," he apologizes. The girls in the audience laughs, either thinking of something else, or just simply laughing because it's him. Oh, God.

"Anyway, we're going to start with our first single from the first album, so enjoy!" The bassist says into his microphone. The guitar starts and I mentally groan as I face palm. This is really not my scene, but I'm here anyway for some reason. I just can't get myself to leave. I guess I'll have to go through the next hour of this.

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