Harry Potter Truth or Dare!!

I know there are a whole bunch of these, but I decided that I wanted to try one, so this is it! Comment a Truth or Dare that you would like to see. If you think I missed any characters, comment and if I don't have them I'll add them.


1. The Introduction

We zoom in on a dark room with only a few lights. Sitting in armchairs everywhere is Sirius, Voldemort, Harry, Lupin, Hermione, Ron,(takes deep breath)Draco,Pettigrew,Luna,Ginny,Fred,George,Neville,and Bellatrix. Suddenly, the door bangs open, and a girl with pretty blond\golden hair and blue eyes walks in. "Hello, I am the author of this story. My name is RavenclawRules, but you can call me Raven for short.(same for all of my adoring fans who will comment on this story)" she says.

"Right, let's explain what you're doing here...you are here to play a game of Truth or Dare for me and all of the people reading this. I control everything that happens in the story as I am the author, so none of you will be escaping here and all of you will be playing whether you like it or not!" They all groan. "Hey, no complaining, or I'm replacing those armchairs with rocks!" Raven says, and they all immediately stop. "Now, on the other hand, if you're good, I'll reward you and make your stay more pleasant!" Raven says. They all start begging for her to give them food, and so she whips up a batch of cupcakes for them. As they're all eating, she turns toward the door, then stops.

"I almost forgot!" She says, taking out her tablet and typing something in, and a wand appears in her hand. She grins and turns around, pointing her wand at each person and saying, "Expalliarmus!" All of their wands fly out of their hands, and Raven somehow catches all of them. "Now you definitely won't be able to escape!" She says, grinning. "Wait, if you control everything that happens, how come you didn't just do something on that thingy and make them all come to you?" Ron, who does not know what that tablet in her hand is, asks. "Because the way I did it was more fun See you when we get more comments!" She says, and walks out. All the characters look at each other, then begin dreading the day when Raven gets more comments.

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