Harry Potter Truth or Dare!!

I know there are a whole bunch of these, but I decided that I wanted to try one, so this is it! Comment a Truth or Dare that you would like to see. If you think I missed any characters, comment and if I don't have them I'll add them.


4. Round 2

The room looks exactly the same as when we first saw it, except Ron and Pansy are now scowling as Draco and Hermione stare at each other. The door bangs open as Raven walks in. "All right, it's time for Round 2! And we have gotten our first Truth, thanks to tinything3 once again! She asks Harry, are you gay and if so do you love Ron?" Raven hands him a bottle of Verrituasm(sorry if it's not spelled right) and points to it. "DRINK." She says. Harry takes a sip of the bottle, and his face becomes emotionless. "So, Harry, are you gay and do you love Ron?" Raven asks. "I'm not sure if I'm gay or not. I know I love Ginny, but I really like Ron too. I wouldn't be able to pick between the two if given a choice." Harry responds with an emotionless voice. Ron and Ginny look at each other, then both of their eyes narrow at the exact same time. 

"Well, then, that was not I was expecting, but it sure has made things more interesting! See you all for Round 2, Part 2!" Raven says, waving her wand at Harry and getting rid of the Verrituasm as she walks out the door.

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