Harry Potter Truth or Dare!!

I know there are a whole bunch of these, but I decided that I wanted to try one, so this is it! Comment a Truth or Dare that you would like to see. If you think I missed any characters, comment and if I don't have them I'll add them.


2. Round 1

The next day, we see the same dark room, and all of the characters are still sitting in the same armchairs. The door bangs open, and Raven once again walks into the room. "All righty, we have gotten our first dare!" She says, holding up an envelope. "This one is from tinything3. If you're reading this, thanks for participating, tinything3! Now, this dare says that Ron should attack Draco." She grins at the two boys. "I think this sounds like a marvelous idea! But to make it a bit more interesting- she tosses both boys their wands- let's make it a duel! You won't be fighting to the death, just trying to disarm your opponent. Go!" Raven says, then stands back to watch.

The two begin circling each other at once. "Expalliarmus!" Ron says, flicking his wand at Draco, but Draco holds tight to his wand. "Ah,ah,ah, won't be that easy, you filthy blood-traitor!" Draco says. Ron shouts something back at him that I don't think would be appropriate to say in this book because it's rated Green zone. The two boys continue to duel. Ron seems to suddenly get an idea and points his wand at Draco. We can't tell what he's thinking(well, I can) but Draco is suddenly hanging upside down in the air by his ankle. Taking advantage of this, Ron shouts, "Expalliarmus!" and catches Draco's wand as it flies towards him. Raven flicks her wand at Draco and lets him down. "Ron wins!" She cries. She takes both Draco and Ron's wands as they both sit down, Draco scowling and Ron grinning from ear to ear. Harry high fives Ron as he sits down. "Right,I'll see you when we get more dares!" She says, and walks out.

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