Harry Potter Truth or Dare!!

I know there are a whole bunch of these, but I decided that I wanted to try one, so this is it! Comment a Truth or Dare that you would like to see. If you think I missed any characters, comment and if I don't have them I'll add them.


3. Round 1, Part 2

A couple hours later, Raven comes back in. "Our next dare has arrived! This one is from EchoLover16. Thanks for participating! This one says that Draco and Hermione should kiss. All right, you two, get started!" She says to Hermione and Draco. The two walk towards each other as if in a trance. Ron is scowling, and so is Pansy. Draco pretends to look disgusted at first as they start kissing, but then his face softens and he gets into it. They keep kissing, and Hermione's hands clasp around Draco's neck as his hands go to her hips. They start swaying and don't break apart until, five agonizing minutes later(well, for Pansy and Ron), Raven says, "OK, you two, break it up!" They finally pull apart and go back to their seats, although they keep staring at each other from across the room. "K, see you all when we get more comments!" Raven says. "Wait!" Harry says. "Yeah?" Raven says, turning around. "That was it? There was only one dare?" He asks. "Yup, comments have been kind of slow at the moment. Don't worry, I'm CERTAIN that my readers will MAKE SURE that they comment some more dares!" Raven says, and walks out.

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