Harry Potter Truth or Dare!!

I know there are a whole bunch of these, but I decided that I wanted to try one, so this is it! Comment a Truth or Dare that you would like to see. If you think I missed any characters, comment and if I don't have them I'll add them.


6. Pansy and Ron

A few hours later, Raven walks back into the room. "Hi, no more dares yet, but I just wanted to check on-" she stops mid sentence; a very unusual sight has greeted her. Pansy and Ron were sitting in the same armchair, kissing passionately. "Wait a second! What did I miss?" Raven says. Ron and Pansy break apart, but hold on to each other. "Well, I decided that since Draco didn't want me, I would find somebody new. Ron decided the same because of Hermione. So, we found each other." Pansy said with a sigh as she snuggled with Ron. "She's a real nice girl when you get to know her." Ron said lovingly. Raven nodded. "O-k then. So...are Harry and Ginny back together?" She asked. Ron nodded without taking his eyes off of Pansy and inclined his head to the other side of the room, where Harry and Ginny's armchairs were scooted together as close as possible. Hermione and Draco were also sitting as close together as possible. Raven nodded again. "Well, I'll be back when we get some more Truths or Dares. Hopefully that's soon!" She says, and walks out.


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