Seeing Beyond (MPHFPC)

Serenity is a girl who can see beyond. When I say, "See beyond." That means she can see what others can't. she eventually is confronted by a boy in the dreams named Horace. Together they take an adventure beyond. He takes her on adventures-meanwhile Enoch tries to break their connection and make a connection of his own.


1. Prologue

He was crying. Crouched down on the ground in a position of horror. I didn't know what to do. I stepped closer and said, " Hello? Who are you? What's wrong?" 

The boy jumped up startling me. "GAHHHH! WHO ARE YO-wait a minute...I've seen you before."

I crinkle my eyebrows and stop crouching. He had seen me before?

"Well if that's the case-I certainly don't remember you." My hand runs through my silky black hair. I was decent looking. My hair was black and almost went below my waist. I had hazel colored eyes that lit up when fire reflected off of them. My skin was tan because I played a lot of sports back home. Last but not least-I had a scattered line of freckles across my nose.

He looks at me and stands up. The boy was about my age-almost. His hair was bleached blonde and he also was wearing a fine suit of the 1940's.

"I-I had a dream about you." he said.

"That's not creepy at all." I state sarcastically.

"No! You see I have a gift of dreaming of the future. You're name is...I can't quite remember."


"That's right! You opened a portal that only you could see beyond to! But somehow...I ended up in here."

My forehead crinkles. Where were we?

"Where are we?"

"According to my dream, we are in a different dimension. You opened it and I fell asleep and woke up here."

I step back and grab my face. This can't be happening. I look at him. He stands there with a serious face.

"Is there a way we can get out?"

"Well-I forgot to mention. I woke up with this-" He hands me a book. The book was brown and had a circle on the cover with a line through it.

"What's this?" I ask as I take the book away from him.

"No idea. Apparently it's the answers."

I open the book and it shows all of the information that we need-I think.

As I skim through the info filled pages I remember something.

"What's your name?" 

"Horace Somnusson."

I smile at the boy. We had a great adventure ahead of us. People say don't trust strangers, but something clicks about Horace. Something trustworthy.

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