Party Foul

"Of course I had to throw her a birthday, she's my girlfriend. I'm pretty sure doing stuff I don't want to do is in the job description."

Saiki slightly OOC; sequel to 'My Secret Hero'.


2. PSIcho Circus (The Party Part One)

So after Teruhashi and Nendou showed up, people basically just started pilling in like they owned the place,” Saiki narrated while cleaning a bowl in the kitchen.  He was going to continue narrating, until Mera showed herself in his face.

“Hey, what are you doing,” she asked.

Cleaning this bowl,” Saiki said while barely looking at her.

Mera inched closer to him, “For 20 minutes?  Baby, c’mon.”

Saiki sighed.  “C’mon,” Mera said dragging him away and pushing him into the living room.

I actually had to bring more dip into the living room,” Saiki called back. 

“Please!  I can grab it,” Mera called from in the kitchen.

Can you promise you won’t eat it all,” Saiki asked.

“Nope,” Mera replied.  Saiki sighed and plopped himself on the couch.  He saw Nendou and Kaidou playing a game on Saiki’s game system.  Kuboyasu stood around the room, but was too uncomfortable to actually sit down.  There were other guests such as Hairo, Yumehara, Toritsuka, Saiki’s parents, Saiki’s grandparents, Ai-wait what?

“It was so nice of you two to come down for the party,” Kuniharu said.

“Yeah, I bet it made Kuu really happy when he saw you,” Kurumi said as they saw Mera place a nearly empty dip bowl on a table.  She saw the grownups and bowed to them, with dip on the side of her mouth.

Kumi smiled, “I’m just happy we were able to make it, I wasn’t sure if I would’ve been able to get this one out of the house,” she explained pointing to her very ‘grumpy’ husband.

Kumagoro huffed, “I shouldn’t have had to come here.”

Of course that’s what he said on the outside; on the inside: “My own grandson invited me to his beloved girlfriends’ birthday party!  And she’s so beautiful too; I mean she eats a little too much-“

“Hey, don’t say that about her,” Saiki thought.

Kumagoro continued his Dere-style thought, “I just hope I make it to see their wedding; or to meet their kids someday.  Woo!

Saiki put his face in his hands, “Ugh, the one time you and my dad agree on something, and it’s an annoying thought like that.

Mera walked over next to Saiki and was about to sit down, but suddenly, Teruhashi swooped in and sat next to Saiki.  She flashed a smile at him and giggled cutely.  She turned to Mera and played innocent.

“Oh, I’m sorry Mera,” she fibbed.  “Did you want to sit next to Saiki?  I know how close you two have been getting.”

Mera shook her head obliviously, “Hm?  No it’s fine.”

Teruhashi monologued, “Good, I still have control.  Now that she sees how comfy I am, she’ll leave me and Saiki all alone and-“

Mera then plopped herself onto Saiki’s lap.  “Oof,” he replied.

WHAT?!?  How could she do something like that?  She’s so obviously making him uncomfortable,” Teruhashi thought.

As fun as it is watching you suffer, you have a point,” Saiki thought.  “She’s kind of heavy.”  Mera wrapped Saiki’s hands around her waist and smiled at him.

“Hey Teruhashi, you wanna play,” Nendou yelled from in front of the television.

Teruhashi was shaking with anger, but she smiled and turned to the boy, “Maybe a little later.”  She then walked into the next room.  Suddenly Aiura Mikoto, the newest student, and resident soothsayer, jumped onto the couch; startling Mera off Saiki’s lap.

“Sooo, Kusuo…Chisapo, fun party, huh,” she said with an excited tone.

Mera recovered and smiled, “Yeah, thanks so much for coming!”

Aiura leaned in closer to the two, “So, you two are happy together?”

Mera nodded, “Never been happier,” she said holding Saiki’s hand and giving it a squeeze.

Saiki shrugged, “Well it could be worse.”  Mera playfully hit Saiki in the stomach.

Aiura leaned in more and playfully asked, “So…what were you two doing before we showed up?”

Mera immediately blushed, “W-What are you talking about?”

Saiki sighed, “Aw, crap-“ he began to say, until Yumehara pushed Saiki off the couch.

“Yeah, do anything…fun,” Yumehara insisted while leaning towards Mera on the opposite side of Aiura.

“W-W-Well, you know we-we,” Mera began to turn completely red at this point.

Saiki groaned, “Aw, man; I almost forgot.  Whenever people talk about us, Mera gets a little nervous when it comes to ‘PDA’.  Ever since the school trip, she’s never been huge on talking about what we do.  So we’ve been taking things kinda…slow… Which is totally fine by me, they don’t need to know, and neither do you guys…Not that we do anything…Shut up!”

“You can tell us how far you’ve gone,” Aiura said.  “We’re all friends here!”

Saiki pulled Mera away from the conversation, “You okay?”

Mera nodded after recovering and her skin color returning, “It just bothers me that even the new girl teases us about what happened.”

Saiki patted the top of her head, “Well you’re the one who jumped me in the room.”

Mera argued back, “Hey, nobody made you stay!”  They both glared at each other for a little bit, before proceeding to laugh (Well Mera laughed at least); causing them to relax.

Mera sighed, “Sometimes being with you makes me laugh more than my dad.”  The mood suddenly got quiet.

You really miss him don’t you,” Saiki asked.

Mera sighed sadly, “Yeah, it was rough trying to manage without him at first.  Now it’s not about that…I just miss him.”

Saiki placed a hand on her shoulder, “You’ll find him Chisato, I know you will.”

Mera smiled at him; she wasn’t sure she believed him, but she still felt at ease.  She put her hands on his shoulders and leaned into his face, when their lips were about to touch she spoke, “I lov-“

Teruhashi appeared next to the two, “Hey, you guys.”

The two smacked their heads together, “OW!”  Teruhashi laughed on the inside at what she had caused.

“People are worried about you two, we should head back,” Teruhashi said as she flashed a fake smile.

Mera nodded, “Yeah, you’re right.”  Mera headed back to the living room.

Teruhashi winked at Saiki, “Some party, huh?”

NOPE!  Not really,” Saiki responded as he walked off.

Teruhashi glared on the inside, “That didn’t work, huh?  Guess I’ll have to try something else.”

As Saiki and Mera sat in the living room, Saiko appeared and shut off the game system.

“Hey, we were playing,” Kaidou said.

Kuboyasu got close in Saiko’s face, “Yeah ya jerk!  Explain!”

Saiko snickered, “It’s time for the show.”  There was a poof of smoke that filled the front of the room.

“Whoa look at that,” Nendou exclaimed.

“It must be someone really talented,” Mera said squeezing Saiki’s hand.

“Someone cool,” Yumehara said.

“Someone dangerous!  Dark Reunion,” Kaidou exclaimed.

No, no, no, and absolutely not,” Saiki said.

The smoke cleared and a figure rose, “Tres Bien!”  Out popped the magician, Uryoku Chōno and his assistant Mr. Ike.

Of course it was these guys,” Saiki sighed.

“Oh, it’s you master,” Chōno said excitedly.

“Master,” Mera asked.

Don’t read too much into that,” Saiki said.  “Anyways, you’d think that with all the money he has Saiko would able to afford someone better.”

“A magician?  How pathetic,” Kumagoro said aloud.  “I hope I can get his autograph.”

“Well anyways,” Chōno said.  He began rubbing his palms together and almost immediately, three doves flew out of his sleeves.  “Tres Bien,” he exclaimed.

“Ooh,” everyone said applauding.

Wow.  An actual trick,” Saiki thought.

Saiko laughed smugly, “But of course!  It only makes sense that the trick worked.  I paid him too much for it to fail.”

Chōno then snapped his fingers together, causing a flame to temporarily appear in his fingers.  Everyone continued to applaud.

Hmph, I only buy the most expensive tricks,” Saiko thought.

Hey that’s not fair, the magician handles the tricks, not you,” Saiki thought.  “Well anyways, it’s not like Chisato really-“

“OH WOW!  SAIKO THAT’S SO COOL,” Mera shouted excitedly.

SHE’S BUYING INTO THIS,” Saiki thought.

Suddenly Toritsuka snuck up behind Saiki and spoke, “Looks like you have someone to be jealous of, huh Saiki?”

I’m not jealous, but more importantly, I didn’t invite you,” Saiki said with an annoyed tone.

“Well that’s cause Mera-“ he began.

Mera still amazed at the show answered, “NOPE, didn’t invite him either.”

“What,” Toritsuka snapped.

“Aw, great!  Perv-itsuka’s here,” Aiura groaned.

“Aw shut it,” Toritsuka yelled.

“So what else can you do with money,” Mera asked Saiko; suddenly in his face.

How the hell did you get up there so fast,” Saiki asked.


In Saiki’s Room


“There has to be something I can use to get Saiki’s attention,” Teruhashi said as she began snooping.  “I’ll never forgive Mera for what she did to him!”




Teruhashi ran towards the room in the hotel; as she opened the door, she saw Mera grab Saiki’s lips and forcefully kiss him.  Saiki stayed still for a few moments before falling to the floor and coughing.

Mera laughed manically, “Tell me, have you and Teruhashi kissed yet?  I’ll take that as a ‘no’.  You thought your first kiss would be Teruhashi, but it was I, Mera!”

“Gasp,” Saiki responded.




She then noticed a photo album sticking out under his bed.  “Ha,” she yelled as she grabbed it.  She began flipping through it, “There’s got to be pictures of me here!”  As she began to look, she noticed there were pictures of milkshakes, cakes, coffee jellies, and other desserts.

“Geez, is that all he thinks of?”  She continued to look and find more pictures, but this time, they were of Saiki and Mera.  Mera was hanging onto Saiki’s arm; the two appeared to be very happy.

“Yuck,” Teruhashi said.  She flipped thorough some more pictures to find the couple in costumes.

“Ugh, more and more costumes,” she snapped.  “They’ve got Joker and Futaba, Brendan and May, Saiki and Mera-oh that’s just their school outfits…” she realized.

“Everything okay,” she heard a voice ask.

Teruhashi giggled, “So he does care, you lose, Mera.”

She turned cutely, “Of course I am Sai-NENDOU!”  Nendou was standing in the middle of the doorway.

“You disappeared.  Everyone was worried,” Nendou said.

Teruhashi mentally sighed, “I’m fine, Nendou.  Thank you for asking!”

What?  Is he following me?  Am I really that perfect,” she asked herself while leaving. 

Nendou walked into the room and picked up the photo album; he began to look through it, “Aw man, there’s no picture of me in my best buddy…Oh well, plenty of time today!”

Living Room

Saiki had just uncrossed his eyes, “What are those idiots doing in my room?”

He sighed, “Anyways, I’m already exhausted, not to mention, Chisato enjoyed that rich guy’s show way too much; not that I’m jealous though.  I could easily liven up the party with my powers…at the same time, I-“

Aiura slinked over next to Saiki, “Something bothering you, Kusuo?”

Saiki shrugged her off, “I’m fine.  Just thinking.”

Aiura snickered, “Jealous of the rich guy, huh?”

Saiki turned, “As if!”

Almost immediately, a bug flew on in front of Saiki’s face. 


Everyone turned to the scene at looked at Aiura, “Was that you Aiura,” Kuboyasu asked.

Nope that was me,” Saiki said hanging onto the chandelier.

“Well that’s lame,” everyone said.

I should save him from that monster,” Kumagoro thought.  “I will!  Time to stepped up and-“

Mera immediately kicked the bug across the room; almost immediately as it recovered, it flew out of the window.  Mera ran across the room and shut the window.

Gah,” Saiki gasped.

Mera wiped herself off, “You can come down if you want, Spiderman,” she said.

Saiki immediately jumped down and hugged her; uncharacteristically affectionately.  He began rubbing his head against her, “You ARE a God!”

Mera giggled, “Aw, my little scaredy cat!”










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