Party Foul

"Of course I had to throw her a birthday, she's my girlfriend. I'm pretty sure doing stuff I don't want to do is in the job description."

Saiki slightly OOC; sequel to 'My Secret Hero'.


1. Good Psi Saiki (The Party Part One)

Well I'm back, you guys…no one missed me?...aww…Anyways, welcome to another Saiki K. fic! Before we get any further; this is a sequel from my last story "My Secret Hero"; so if you need to go read that one first, do that. Also, mild spoilers from the manga, but really only pertaining to two characters; but hey I felt I should let you know regardless. Grab some coffee jelly and relax!


"We're totally lost, Nendou," Kaidou yelled; incredibly frustrated.

Nendou continued to walk aimlessly throughout the street, "What? No way, runt! I totally know where this new restaurant is; stop worrying!"

Kaidou began to yell back, "You obviously have no idea what you're doing."

Saiki sighed as he had to put up with his two 'friends', "Great, on top of being with them, Chisato has to put up with this too. This may have been a bad day for a day off," he thought looking at the girl with the maroon, double-bunched hair, whose hand he was holding.

Mera laughed nervously, "Are they always like this?"

Saiki nodded, "Yep, welcome to Hell. Sorry you have to deal with these guys."

Mera shook her head, "No way! I'm having fun, believe it or not. I like our friends."

"Well that makes one of us," Saiki rolled his eyes before Mera playfully hit him.

"But seriously, not a lot of guys would bring a girl with them to hang out with his best friends," Mera said with a smile. She then leaned in and whispered into his ear, "You're a good boyfriend."

Saiki had a small smile come across his face. Mera gave him a quick peck on the cheek before dragging him towards their two friends.

"As you can tell, Mera and I are still together. Our relationship's been…well, I guess it hasn't been completely terrible. It's been about four months since we've gotten together. And if you think that's because of how this and the other story are four months apart in terms of publishing and completing then…shut up…We've had some bad times:




Saiki and Mera were seen standing next to each other during Home Economics.

"You two are so CUTE together," a girl said.

Mera smiled, but probably because she was eyeing the batter Saiki was working on. He gently pushed her face out of the way.

"Go back to your table," Saiki said.

"Nice, Saiki," Hairo said noticing the batter. "We did a great job on this."

"What's this 'we'," Saiki asked.

Kaidou looked over at his group, "Yeah, we should start cooking it now!" After saying this, Kaidou noticed Nendou approaching.

"So you guys finally made it this far? This is where it gets hard," Nendou noted.

"Well no thanks to you," Kaidou yelled back.

Nendou laughed and picked up a skillet, "Well you still need to cook the batter, flip it when it's ready, and-"

"And make sure it's not burnt," Mera added.

"All of that," Kaidou said, already becoming exasperated.

"Hey, my buddy's girl knows more than he does," Nendou said happily. "Have fun!"

"We're gonna have so much fun, you dolt," Kaidou yelled.

"I can do this on my own," Saiki thought. "Now where's the batter-"

The boys looked over towards the ground to see Mera crouched and somehow finishing off the rest of the batter.

Kaidou, Nendou, and Hairo cringed, "That's not good."

Saiki lost it, "Why did you eat our batter?"

Mera fought back, "I'm sorry, I was hungry!"

"You had your own ingredients to make something," Saiki snapped.

"You're my boyfriend! You're supposed to be okay with this," Mera said defensively.

Saiki fought back, "Well not when you take half my lunch every day, when you had dinner with my family-"

Mera's eyes glowed yellow, "What are you trying to say?!"

Saiki took a deep breath, "You're a glu-" Mera cut Saiki off by trying to splash Saiki with her own batter. Saiki ducked out of the way, but unfortunately, the batter landed on Mr. Matsuzaki.


"Oh great. And my favorite T.V. show was coming on too; should've just let it hit me," Saiki said before Mera dumped what was left of the batter on his head. She wiped part of the batter from his face and tasted it. She then stuck her tongue out at him.

"But…we've also had some good times though," Saiki narrated.


Next Flashback


Saiki and Mera were headed towards Café Mami one night. Saiki was wearing a tux while Mera was wearing a two-piece ball gown; the top was white, while the bottom was red.

"That festival was a lot of fun, huh Kusuo," Mera said.

"Yeah, I guess," Saiki responded. "I could've done without the Teruhashi tribute in the middle of it, though."

Mera shrugged, "Eh, what do you expect? She's our idol!"

"She says that like it's a good thing," Saiki said to himself.

Before Mera spoke she saw a sign in the window, "Oh that's right! There's an all-you-can-eat coffee jelly special tonight; let's go," she said dragging him into the café.

The two got their food and an employee dropped by, "Wow, Mera. Didn't think we'd see you tonight."

"Yeah, just me and the boyfriend; enjoying ourselves," Mera said.

Saiki nodded as the employee walked off, "Well, I'll go pay-"

Mera stopped him, "No! This time, I'm paying."

Saiki spoke up, "But I-"

"No buts," Mera confirmed before running to the register.

"Well I guess that makes sense," Saiki said to himself. "Mom and Dad did end up paying for her dress for some reason."

He noticed Mera returning; she immediately began scarfing down her coffee jelly.

Saiki smiled, "This coffee jelly is extra special today."

Mera stopped, "Hm? What'd you say?"

Saiki shook his head, "It's nothing, Chisato."


End Flashback


"But for the most part are relationship's been pretty basic; nothing very noteworthy," Saiki narrated.

The four teens had found the restaurant that Nendou had told them about and had just finished their meals.

"That was great, Nendou," Mera said.

"Yeah. Looks like you are useful for something," Kaidou said.

Nendou laughed, "Yeah, I took my mom here for her birthday a couple of days ago-hey, what'd you say, runt?"

Kaidou turned to Mera, "Speaking of which, Mera isn't your birthday coming up soon?"

Mera thought for a moment, "Oh yeah, that's right. It's this Saturday."

Nendou got excited, "Oh boy! We should totally have a party!"

"Don't cause such a scene," Saiki noted.

Mera frowned, "Well at least somebody wants to celebrate my birthday!" She pointed at Saiki. "He hates parties."

Nendou laughed, "What? My buddy? Please, he couldn't hate parties!"

"Actually no, she's right on the mark," Saiki confirmed.

"Yeah, he's probably planning a huge party for you," Kaidou said.

Mera's eyes lit up, "REALLY?"

"WHAT?" Saiki was shocked by this.

"Yeah, he probably plans to invite all of our friends over to his house," Kaidou continued.

"And he was probably gonna get an amazing cake," Nendou backed up.

Mera started to drool excitedly, "YOU WERE?!"

"Does that sound at all like me," Saiki asked.

Saiki then got an idea, "Well since you know about the surprise party, we should probably just cancel it."

Mera shook her head, "And waste all that hard work? No way!"

Nendou and Kaidou both gave Saiki a thumbs up, "You're welcome," they both thought.

"I didn't need your help," Saiki confirmed.


A Few Days Later


"And that's how I had to throw this party," Saiki confirmed. He just put down a bowl of chips, thanks to his Psychokinesis, and sat down on the couch. He was wearing a black polo with khakis; thanks to his mom's suggestion.

He looked around and saw that the house was covered in ribbons, balloons, snacks, and a couple of games for the guests.

"What a drag," Saiki sighed.

"Don't say that, Kuu," his mother said, suddenly appearing. "Mera is going to be so excited to see this!"

Saiki's dad appeared, "That's right, Kusuo. Your girlfriend's birthday should be important to you! And remember…we're expecting grandkids at some point!"

"Why would you say something like that," Saiki facepalmed. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

Saiki approached the door, "Why is she early?" He opened the door to reveal Mera; she was wearing blue floral dress; the waistline had a black belt on it.

"Hey Kuu," Mera said giving him a quick hug. She then walked in and saw his parents.

"Mr. and Mrs. Saiki! So great to see you guys again. Thanks so much for hosting the party," Mera bowed.

Saiki's parents immediately got in Mera's face, "So nice to see you're still with Kusuo," Kuniharu said.

"What? You thought we wouldn't last," Saiki noted.

Kurumi shook Mera's hands, "It's not a problem at all! Will your parents be showing up?"

Mera shook her head, "No, my mother still isn't feeling well."

Kuniharu spoke, "What about your father?"

Mera's face saddened, "Oh well…we don't really know where my dad is."

Saiki's parents hung their heads, "We're so sorry."

Mera panicked, "No, it's fine! Really it's okay; it's been a few years, so it's not that bad."

Kurumi bowed, "Well that's good-oh that's right! We forgot the ice cream!"

Kuniharu followed her out the door, "Yeah! We'll be right back!" They quickly shut the door.

Mera smiled, "Your parents are always so nice."

"Not the word I would use for them," Saiki said. Mera quickly wrapped him in a bearhug.

"What's this for," Saiki asked. Mera looked up at him and smiled.

"I know you hate parties and attention, but I really appreciate you doing this for me; you're awesome," Mera said.

"It's no problem," Saiki replied hugging her back. He stroked the back of her head; it was something she loved that he did.

Mera turned and looked at the door, "Soooo….when is everyone supposed to show up?"

"About another 30 minutes. Why?" Saiki responded. Mera gave him a suggestive smile.

Saiki thought for a moment, "Well it is your birth-"

Mera cut Saiki off by pulling him in for a kiss, which he immediately returned. She pulled away for a quick second; she then jumped up and wrapped her legs around Saiki's waist. She then preceded to kiss him again.

Saiki walked her over to the couch and laid her down on it. The two teens continued to kiss as Mera whined every few moments. Saiki pulled away for a second to kiss her on her cheek; he kissed her lips again as he began to run his hands down her legs when he quickly pulled away.

"Crap," Saiki stated.

"Wow, already," Mera asked. Suddenly the two heard the doorbell ring, "Oh, that's what you meant?"

Saiki nodded as Mera let him go disappointingly. As Saiki got up, he noticed her sad face; he quickly pecked her on the cheek.

She smiled, "I'll see who it is! Though I'm surprised you knew someone was coming." Mera got up and grabbed the handle of the door. "What are you, a psychic," she joked.

Saiki started coughing, "That's not funny." Mera raised an eyebrow as she opened the door revealing Nendou and Teruhashi.

"Oh wow. Hey you guys," Mera greeted

Teruhashi smiled, "Happy Birthday!"

"Saiki must be so happy that I'm visiting his house again! But when will this fake relationship end? It's not like him to make me jealous with a Nisekoi," Teruhashi thought.

"I'm not making you jealous, and no referencing anime that are nowhere near as good as this one," Saiki thought.

"But today is the day! I'll finally make Saiki kneel before me," Teruhashi thought before laughing manically on the inside.

"Hey buddy! Let's play some music and dance! Woo," Nendou yelled; visibly shaking Teruhashi.

"I'm not sure who's going to be worse to deal with," Saiki thought.

Suddenly another body appeared at the door; it turned out to be Saiko. "So this is where poor people live?"

"Why are you here," Saiki asked with an annoyed look on his face.

Mera smiled, "I invited him. He offered to pay for entertainment."

Saiko smiled smugly, "Well I suppose I need to show you peasants a thing or two."

Saiki sighed, "Damn, this is gonna be such a pain."


A/N: Fun fact: apparently Mera's Birthday is the 15th of April. So I was one day off, wonder if there's a connection…nah! Anyways let me know what you guys think in the comments!

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