Paper Cranes

Rain and Sage were in a long-distant relationship, but broke up after Sage disappeared without a trace. Now, two years later, a drunken Rain catches the eye of her old flame, and she's determined to find out what happened to him, but can she face the consequences of knowing?


2. after | drunk words

even outside, the thick air sticks to my skin. i can't hear myself think; the bang bang bang of speakers plummets through my brain. my arms are up in the air, dress reeking of vodka, and ears roaring like a flame. everyone around me morphs into one, the crowd becoming a single body.

gabriel, my best friend, has long left me. i watched as he stammered through the double doors an hour or so ago, mumbling about a chocolate fountain, but hasn't been back since. i'm fine though, i think i'm fine...

until i spot a face. sage archer's face.

at one time, he was a lot more than just another person in the crowd. i can't believe it: sage archer, here, alive, alone.

two years ago, i would've thought he was dead.

perhaps if he was dead, it would've been easier. not in a nasty way, but at least i'd've had some closure as to what happened to him - where he went. i could've gotten over him. i could've done so many things, but i held on to the hope that he would come back.

i made a thousand paper cranes.

he looks my way, and my eyes dip to the paving stones. i wonder whether he recognises me. i wonder if his mind is having the same debate - do I stay here and pretend, or face the facts?

two years ago, Sage Archer broke up with me. he left without leaving a trace, and curiosity takes the better of me, mixing with the vodka. i stagger forward, beginning to think my eyes are playing tricks on me, as he's gone. i grab hold of a tree trunk, rest, and begin again - further up the maze of garden. a blur of brown locks moves past my vision, and i reach out. i think i scream.

he turns then. definitely him. he stops in his stride, and i march until i'm standing directly before him. i stare into those green eyes - those i've only ever seen whilst hiding behind a screen, too cowardly to meet.

for the first time, i'm seeing him... and he's seeing me.

and i punch him, square in the jaw.

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