My Never Ending Nightmare

Have you ever felt like you were always being watched? Your past haunts your dreams, your every waking moment. Take a look at what happens when your dreams become reality.


2. Chapter 2


“Ana” the man replied with a dip of his hat.

“What are you doing here?”

“I come here to visit you.. that is in your dreams of course.”

“how did you...”

Ana was no longer in awe but in pure unadulterated fear. she had not spoken of the dreams she was having or the details of the man or his voice. How did he of all people know what she was dreaming of, let alone that the who in the dream was him. The cold touch of Alexander’s hand had brought her from her thoughts and back to reality. Flinching away from his touch and away from his body that was towering over her. He dropped his hand to his side and and straightened up his posture.

“Ana let me explain” he said as he extended his hand for her to grab hold of.

“No,” she yelled throwing her hands in the air. Taking a deep breath she continued, “and do not call me that! You are going to tell me how you got here and how you can get in my dreams right now.” Ana said in a shaking voice ignoring his hand. He looked down at his own hand between the two of them that had risen without his knowing and slowly letting it drop back to his side. Slowly turning around and walking back towards the maze on the other side of the willow tree.


Stopping in mid step Alexander waited for her next move. Hearing nothing more than the wind moving the trees and the moving grass. He holds his breath as a light touch grazes his shoulder and then the hold tightens. Not daring to move or react to the touch that is causing his insides to turn to jello.

“Why are we going into the maze? Why can’t you talk to me right here?” Ana asked and retracted her hand realizing the mistake she made.

“I wish not to be interrupted by any passer bys or by the groundskeeper.” Alexander replied.

Looking into his greenish hazel eyes she felt a shiver go up her spine. The way he looked at her was like the way a man looks at a woman he has just fallen in love with. looking away she could still feel him stare as she slowly begin to walk into the maze. Don’t be afraid it’s just like walking in here during the day the only difference is that it is dark and I have someone with me that isn’t Marcus, She thought to herself, walking into the maze.

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