His Possession

His name is Xavier Black
He is ruthless
He is a murderer
He is bloodthirsty
Known as the alpha king, possess the strongest pack in the whole wide world. All werewolves bow down to him and all human hide at the sight of his figure.
After searching 500 years for his soulmate; his mate he has become desperate for blood to calm him down.The sound of innocents screaming brings a smile to his face.
What happens when he stumbles across Desert Wind High craving for blood but stumble across a captivating smell of caramel popcorn.


2. Xavier


Hello peeps, hopefully you liked my last chapter. I realised that it was an extremely short chapter, so I’m going to try write a longer chapter for you guys to read. I am beyond euphoric right now to see that people are actually clicking on my story and actually reading it. Also, I do write my stories on my laptop then post it on both Movellas and watt pad,therefore I might stay something that might refer to one website but not to another…. Anyway I am talking way too much right now so let’s get onto the story.

(Ava’s P.O.V.)

“You’re the one, the one to save him, change him”

I was standing in the middle of a forest in nothing but a blue pantie and blue bra. A dark figure stood about 20 meters away from me hiding behind the shadow of a tree. I felt so violated, having someone stare at me for what felt like an eternity. The figure began making its way out of the shadows, she was beyond beautiful. Beautiful was too simple of a word to describe her, her white gown flowed behind her as her light blonde hair cascaded down to her waist.

“Xavier” Was the last thing she said before a beam of light consumed me.

I shot up from bed covered in sweat as I realised it was all just a dream. I was panting, my heart pounded against my chest. It felt so real. I looked around the room only to see a place I was unfamiliar with. The bedroom was gigantic, there were a balcony and three doors. I assumed that one lead to a bathroom, the other lead to a walk in closet or some sort and the other lead me out into a hallway or outside. Everything in the room looked so expensive, from the carpet to the decorations that hung off the walls.

All the memories began rushing back, the lockdown and having an overly buff male holding on to me as a knife began slitting my throat. Not to mention that inhumanly howl I heard that erupted from someone’s throat before I passed out. It was just a dream, right? No one howls, that’s preposterous. I was about to get out of this unfamiliar room when I realised my wrists my shackled against the bed headboard. I began thrashing around trying to get the handcuffs off, but that only caused my wrists to become sore and red.

Tears began rolling down my face as many different scenarios began running through my head. I began kicking the headboard and trying to rip off the handcuffs disregarding the pain even though I knew it was impossible.

My eyes shot wide when the sound of the door knob twisted. It felt like my heart just dropped to the pit my stomach. I tried moving to the far corner of the bed trying to distance myself as far away as I could from whoever it was that was coming through the door. As the door opened wider I shot my eyes closed not wanting to face whoever was coming towards me. I could hear the footsteps coming towards me as I curled up into a ball, one arm hugged my knees against my chest whilst the other arm hung behind me, face pressed against my knees. I could feel his or her figure towering over me as this powerful aura radiated off him. That only made me cower even more from him.

“Look at me!” he growled.

I disobeyed him scared of what I would have to face.

“Look at me, I will not say it again” he demanded, his voice rung through the whole room making it shake.

Yet again, being the suborn I was, I went against his command. That only seemed to make him furious. He gripped onto my chin forcing me to look at him but I shut eyes so I wouldn’t have to look at him. His grip began tightening causing me to wince and peel my face out of his grip. Nothing seemed to work as it was like he had a death grip on my chin. With no other choice, I was forced to open my eyes and look at my kidnapper. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped at the sight of my kidnapper he was…


Hope you guys liked this chapter, should I do the perspective of this mystery guy for my next chapter or should I stick with Ava? Please comment. Mmh cliff hanger ay, sorry guys haha. If no one comments on who’s perspective I should do next I might just make you guys wait and not tell you what Ava saw until maybe chapter three and do somebody else’s perspective and that may not even be mystery guy. Anyway, I would like to thank all you readers.

All the love



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