His Possession

His name is Xavier Black
He is ruthless
He is a murderer
He is bloodthirsty
Known as the alpha king, possess the strongest pack in the whole wide world. All werewolves bow down to him and all human hide at the sight of his figure.
After searching 500 years for his soulmate; his mate he has become desperate for blood to calm him down.The sound of innocents screaming brings a smile to his face.
What happens when he stumbles across Desert Wind High craving for blood but stumble across a captivating smell of caramel popcorn.


1. Lockdown

Ava- above


This is obviously a work of fiction and everything is made up. This is also my first time writing and having it posted online so please, please if there is something I could improve on please comment and tell me.I would love to improve my work and become a better writer, but also be considerate and keep in mind that I'm not the best writer out there.So I beg of you, don't bash on me in the comment. If you don't like my writing please don't read it.

All the love,


(Ava's P.O.V.)

Beads of sweat rolled down my forehead as I rubbed my hands together feeling a puddle of sweat form on my palms. I was currently sitting in this stifling hall waiting for our assembly to be over, boring us with useless information that could just be emailed to us. I wasn't complaining though, it just meant that 20 minutes was subtracted from our first lesson which so happens to be maths. I was just texting my best friend Larni about training tonight when the lockdown bell suddenly rang making me clasp my ears shut. All the students were frantic and panicking when the principal declared this was not a drill and were told to find an enclosed area and hide. Hundreds of students frantically barged out of the double doors, some of the younger students fell over and got trampled on whilst the sound of cries and screams filled my ears. I tried running but it was as if I was superglued to the ground, I was unable to move, standing in the middle of the sports hall stunned.

My heart began pounding against my chest when the sight of over 50 bulky armed men and women with deadly weapons barged into the sports hall acting as a barrier, forcing many students to be thrown back into the room. The smell of smoke and gas was everywhere when I realised they were burning down our beloved school, Desert Wind High. The intruders began moving at an inhumanly speed tearing and slitting the throats of whoever their eyes landed on. The roof of the building came collapsing down, and I was standing in the middle of it. I tried running but someone clasped onto my wrist making me stumble backwards and into his grasp. I felt something cold and sharp against my neck, feeling it dig into my flesh as an agonizing pain ran down my spine and a loud scream erupted from my throat. My vision began to blur as the knife dug deeper into my throat, the last thing I heard was a loud howl before darkness consumed me.

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