don't judge me: my rant book

pretty much rants that I thought of at 3am.


2. leaking things

I hate hearing news that nudes have been leaked, or an album (or song) has been leaked. it's pathetic and unnecessary. if you view or listen to it once it's leaked, well I mean there's nothing anyone can do to stop you because it's out there now. when someone leaks something, they're embarrassing or saddening someone and should be taken off the internet.

its not all their fault though, it's the celebrity/companies fault for not having a secure enough database to store things safely, they allowed things to get leaked.

but, like I said before, if you listen to them once they're leaked then that should be okay. the damage has already been done and listening to a song/album is okay. except for nudes. that's very disrespectful and gross but hey, who am I to judge you?

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