don't judge me: my rant book

pretty much rants that I thought of at 3am.


1. it's a meme, guys

unedited and I did this pretty late in the night, so if it doesn't make sense please just ignore it.

when people can't take joke especially when they're popular memes. that's my pet hate because, unless that meme or joke is aimed at you or your family (or it explicitly says something offensive that could hurt someone), don't get offended. I hate when the internet sees something and it decides that it's unacceptable just because it didn't make them laugh.

as most of you (if not all) know thirteen reasons why has been trending a lot lately. the show and book is about a girl, Hannah Baker, who commits suicide and makes thirteen tapes explaining why. each tape is about someone who has wronged her and each tape holds a dark secret. people have been making a few memes due to this show and are actually funny, but they get attacked for it because it's "joking about suicide". the fact that people believe that it's joking about suicide is shocking to me because, unless that post says "haha Hannah Baker killed her self" (or something along those lines) it isn't joking about suicide, it is merely lightening up the show and making people laugh.

pretty much every popular show has a few memes attached to it, whether they're positive or negative so this isn't a first. the fact that people think they can stop it is isn't a first either. but guess what people, you can't. you can hate and tell people to deactivate but it won't work. people will keep posting and others will laugh and repost. no matter how much hate you throw, it's going to do fuck all.

if the meme or joke offends you (it doesn't say anything racist, it doesn't go against any guidelines, it doesn't say anything explicitly bad or horrible) block the person or simply ignore them. if it was really offensive (basically the list above) then report it, don't hate on the person because that'll get you nowhere.

please comment down your opinions.

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