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From when Aaron Corbet was little, he has always known that he was gay. His parents has always said to him, that it was very bad to be, what he identified as, so he kept it hidden. Until he turned 17 years old, thats when all hell broke lose.
He came out to his mom and dad, and they disowned him at the spot. Aaron had no where to go, so he became homeless...
That was, until a man at the age of 23 years old recognised Aaron, after seeing him some times, going home, late for work, sleeping up a wall.
His name was Bellamy.


2. The Past is the Past


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Harvey Newton - Aaron Crawford <3 


Chapter one.

I was sitting against a cold wall, hard as concrete. But it was either the wall or the ground I could sleep on. I choose the one that didn't make my back hurt too much. My muscles were already sore, they didn't have to be worse. although I was getting so tired that I could sleep anywhere possible. I had been looking for food all day, but the only thing I got was one piece of bread, I, of course, didn't think of separate, so I had it for the rest of the day. Becuase now I was so hungry that my stomach could be eating me from the inside. I sighed and tried to close my eyes for the day. If this day could just be over with, it would be a greater day tomorrow. Maybe I could go to one of the shelters, and hope they weren't out of beds.

There didn't go a minute before I heard footprints nearing me, there were many of them, maybe 3. It sounded like that anyway, I didn't have any time to react, because before I knew it, I was raised up and pressed against the wall. I opened my eyes, to see three tall dudes standing before me. One of them holding me against the wall. A shaky breath escaped my lips. I had never been confronted like this before. I always stayed out of situations like this, it wasn't my strong side at all. "What do you want!" was all I could muster to say. To be honest, I was shaking in my pants like no other, I was so scared that they would kill me or beat the shit out of me. What they said took my breath away. "We want everything you got, every damn thing" I looked at them as I thought they were joking, but of course, they weren't. They wanted everything I owned, which by now wasn't much, but they were my most prized belongings. But what else could I do than give them everything?

As fast as I could, I got up my phone, computer, everything I got with me, that seemed to be a value to them. I gave it to them, hoping they wouldn't do anything stupid, like beating the shit out of me or something like that. That was what happened on the streets at night, I heard that on the news.

They just looked at what I gave them, they seemed pleased. But when they looked at me again, there was a certain look in their eyes, that told me that they weren't done with me just yet. That scared me shitless. I could do nothing, as they were 3 and I was only me. I wasn't strong enough, I had never taken one push-up my whole life! It scared me so much, that I had the urge to just run away, but before I could think any further, they were over me.

One holding me down, while one continuously hit me in the face and one other kicked me in my stomach, making my ribs sore. For every hit I screamed out in pain, I screamed for help. Hoping someone would hear it, and come to my rescue. But I was wrong, I was all alone in that dark night, being beaten. Without knowing how it actually felt to die, but I would imagine it would feel just like this.

I soon saw small dots in front of my eyes, along with the pain almost getting distant, and soon I only saw darkness.

When I woke up, it felt like I had a massive hangover and that I had slept about 3 days before waking up, because I felt so weak and disorientated. I must have been out for more than 5 hours. As I tried to open my eyes, it was very hard to see, I must have gotten a black eye after that guy messed up my face pretty bad. I tried to sit up, leaning against the concrete wall. A groan of pain, escaping my lips. My stomached ached and my ribs felt like they could break at any minute. I lifted up my t-shirt, to see a purple mark forming around my stomach and rib area. I gasped as I saw they state I was in. I needed to go to the hospital, this wouldn't just go away by itself, I had to get it checked. Soon tears welled up and ran down my cheeks. I didn't know where the nearest hospital was and besides I didn't want to be seen like this.

I felt like just staying and then endure the pain and suffering, this beating would surely cause me.

I felt myself growing tired and my eyes soon closed by themselves. I fell into a deep slumber, for about an hour, before I was woken up by a worried voice. The voice was a man, hoarse and very sexy. I opened my eyes, still not seeing quite well, but was I saw, was like a greek god, standing right in front of me, with a worried look.

I couldn't make out the words he spoke to me, at first, but soon they became clear.

"Shit, I have to get you to the hospital. Can you hear me? What's your name?"

Ugh, that voice soothed me, but that wasn't what I should be paying attention to. I nodded to confirm, that I could hear him, I could hear him clearly.

"Aaron, my name is Aaron"

As the words came out of my mouth, I was shocked to hear my voice. It sounded so fragile and broken. It didn't sound at all like him and it scared him.

The man in front of me nodded and without hesitation or even asking, he went to me and scooped me up into his arms. I looked up at him with wondering eyes. "Where are we going, where are you taking me?" I asked with a slight trace of panic in my voice.

I looked down at me and smiled to me, and said. "To the hospital of course, just relax, I will get you there safely" His voice was gentle and soothing once again, and I couldn't help but relaxing and soon after, getting tired.

I closed my eyes as I went off into another slumber of mine, fully trusting this stranger.

- Author's note -

Well, that was the first chapter! Finally starting for real!

It was a short chapter, I know, but I'm trying to make them longer.

Hope you enjoyed it! Until next time!

- LynieUW

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