Falling for the Opposite

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1. Moving



Hi, My name is Destiny Fear my age is 17, and i'm a devain. Humans like you commonly mistake us for so called werewolf's but we are, our own species of dire wolfs, devains (I know I know people shit on our name a lot but I try not to let it affect me) . Now you may be like, WHAT?!??!?!?? WEREWOLVES DON'T EXIST. Despite what you may think or believe, we do exist.... Now the reason i'm packing boxes Is because my family got attacked by our adversary vampires there really called florans, they burned down our house.

 Oh! I forgot to mention you are probably wondering something like, vampires..? Fire...? Mixing...? Nu uh..! But uh huh, in fact they have fire lorks. These are little creatures that can be any animal the spawner wishes it to be when they spawn it, they only have one chance to change there animal and that is only when they spawn it in. These creatures have infinite fire power.

 The lor ((Before it gets its animal from its master its called a lor)) animal spawns in from the irn which is basically the lor's god, the lor's are able to use infinite firepower until they  fall asleep or the master of the animal passes out from reaching there physical ability.

  Like we can turn into what are appearances look like, dire wolfs, they can transform to what you guys call phoenixes but in fact they are called feon.

We, just like them have our creatures but they are, plasma creatures which are called qui once the animal is picked it is called a quir (Not the rock band),  some of us are even born with even more divine power from the irn which goes beyond just transforming into a wolf and having a quir.  But anyway~~

I close the minni notebook, and shove it in my back pocket of my short shorts and get up off the floor of my burned down house. 

I sighed, Lifting another box.  This was not my ideal Friday morning.   The moving van stopped in front of what was left of my house.   Walking through my now smashed front door I set the box down in the back of the truck just as the driver climbs out, 

"My father is over there with all the documents and insurance ."  He looked in the direction I was pointing and said, ah there he is!   Before walking to my father.

I sighed yet again wiping the sweat from my forehead.   I lifted another box into the moving van when something tore through my left foot, I growled taking a step back on my right foot, seeing glass covered the floor. Im sick of this I wish I could get some help. 

"I wish someone would help me!" I stated so that my family could hear me. 

"My, my the b~tch of the pack is the only one working I wonder why."  My sisters faint voice caught my ears, I traced the voice back to where she was sitting and staring at her phone. 

"At least i'm not stuck up."  I replied, my sisters such a bitch, she thinks shes better then everyone else.

"What was that?"  My sister said.

"Oh nothing."  I replied not wanting to further the conversation with my "Beloved" sister. 

"That's what I thought." She got up and sighed, in a blink, she turned into what she called her divine animal (<~~ Mask), and I suddenly remembered back when my father explained to me why we could not just transform and have a quir but do other mythical things.. "when your sister was just a child  she and you were granted more special power (<~~ Irniss) from the irn, so much that when you were born, you were given more special power then her." She never got told that I had the privileges of the irness child to.

"You shouldn't mask out here." I whispered returning to the moment. I grabbed another box agitated. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~TIME SKIP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Once all the boxes were packed, I got into my car to drive to the airport.

"Hey, little sis can I drive?" my brother 21 year old brother said emphasizing the word little. 

"Yeh..." I replied I hate the name little sis, god it sounds like i'm a 7 year old.

 I grabbed my case of notebook's from under my feet and climbed into the backseat, taking the note back out, writing more.

Hey destiny back here!! So i'm off to the airport right now my dad tells me that were moving to Minni soda...? Miner sota..? Lemonsota..? Ahh whatev's something like that, but the exciting part is I get to finally attend my third year of high school... So exciting I can't wait!! I also hear from my brother there is this thing called gros, or grass... Ya.... they say its pretty common and its green.  They also say its all over the floor, Im guessing the only reason I have never seen it is because one, I have no phone to search it up on and two, there's snow 24/7/365. By the way, we devain's are not affected by the cold. I sound like a child saying all this i'm just so giddy!!

I feel the car stop and I pop my head up. 

"So these things are called Cargo aircraft's?" I sit up and  step out of the car then step off the back of the cargo aircraft jogging to where I can get a good view of the whole thing. I gasp at the size of the thing. 

"D~mn." I mumble.

My brother jumps off the side of the ramp, just as these people were moving what looked like a staircase up to a door. I point,

"The h~ll, Why are they putting a staircase on the side of this thing." I say. My brother chuckled.

"So we can get up onto the aircraft, you idiot" He smiled and patted my head. 

"Your such an inexperienced child." I slap his hand away from my head.

"God, stop making it sound like i'm a kid!" I say scowling.

"But you are a child!" He protests laughing to at me. I flick him off and stomp away, I look back when i'm at the bottom of the staircase and he gives me a pouty face, I roll my eyes and notice that the door opened, I run up the stairs and peer into the aircraft. 

"Woah.. this space looks better then my house." I say excited.

"Thats because its first class." A voice says.

"Huh? Who are you." I ask.

"Why, Im the pilot of course." He grins. "And whom do I have the pleasure of meeting?" He says widening his grin showing of his... super white teeth..?

"Umm." I replied, staring at his teeth. After awhile his expression changed to, what a dork. After I heard a few footsteps someone wrapped there arms around me.. "This would be my little sister destiny and i'm Derek. I looked up to watch my brother with that fake grin he puts on whenever he introduces me to someone. Still watching him he flamed  showing his yellow eyes warning the good goody pilot. The strange this was he usually hides that from humans.

"C-cool." the guy says stuttering.

l step to a comfortable chair and sit down, I grab notebook and start righting again.'


There are two more mythical creature species, grim's and aerospic's. A grim is basically what you guys call a grim reaper... you guys actually had the name almost correct i'm pretty sure the only reason why you call them a grim reaper is because a grim mated with a reaper the extinct species, so therefor you guys out there called it a grim reaper. Yes they do have there own version of a quir and a lork theres are called a gera fully formed, and the undeformed are called ger. Sadly a grim has not been born for awhile because almost there whole species got killed of by floran's I hate floran's so much. Reasoning with one of them will never happen between our two species, I watched as one of my childhood friend's a grim was beheaded by a floran. My father watched as his father was killed by a floran. Off the depressing topic and onto the more happy species aerospic's, they are the healing species, infact they have aero's ability's are healing and forest life. Don't get confused forest life is a legendary power where you can grow plant's, tree's, mushrooms (shrooms for short)etc.

My eye's were struggling to stay open, soon I fell into a deep slumber.

I woke up feeling my chest against the seat belt, i looked out my window as the plane slowed down.

"We have arrived" The pilot I met earlier said. I brother looked outside and his face filled with confusion. He mumbled some incoherent words to himself before looking back to his phone. I squished my face up against the window, feeling like a child I laughed.

"F~CK YA" I yelled. My brother gave me an annoyed look. I didn't care though I smiled at him.

"Our parents aren't here there back home and its just you and me in the middle of nowhere." He smiled as I said that.

"Well the only reason your here is because I begged mom to be able to bring you." He said. I smiled so much that I'm pretty sure my face is going to permanently be stuck this way.



Hey guys :3,

Please give me feedback I needs the constructive criticism plses. btw sorry bout the white outline thing i dont know why that's there


I want to thank all my friends for helping me write a 17 year old pov from what ive gathered 17 year olds are very grumpy (cough cough cough it was a joke cough cough) but srsly thanks guys

I want to also thank my editor i dont have her user bc she doesnt use this website but thanks anyway..


Bye mai fluffy peeps


~Foxx :)


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