Isabelle Malory is a normal Muggle. She's excited for an exchange coming up with a school called Hogwarts, that she's never heard of before...but Hogwarts may be closer to home than she realizes...


3. I'm a Witch!!

I can't believe it. I've never even considered that I could be magical. But then again, I didn't know that magic existed until today. Kaitlin was staring at me. "But...but...you'll stay here, right?" She asks. "Well.. I'll visit, I promise. But if I'm a witch, shouldn't I be going to a school for witches?" I said. Kaitlin's gaze hardened. "Well, then, if you care more about your magic than your best friend, then fine!" She scowls and turns around to face the wall. "Come on, Kaitlin, I'll write to you everyday!" I say. Her gaze softens. "Every day?" She says. I nod. She sighs and says, "OK".

Harry and I go to Dumbledore(that's his name, gotta remember that!)and tell him that we believe I'm a witch. He raises eyebrows, and I get an uncanny feeling that those piercing eyes can see into the depths of my soul and discover my greatest secrets. " Really? Well, then, let me see. Point this-he hands me his wand- at Harry and say-" "Expalliarmus!" I cry, suddenly remembering Harry's demonstration from earlier. His wand flies out of his hand, and I catch it. Dumbledore nods and holds out his hand for his wand, which I give back. "Yes, you are most definitely a witch. Would you like to attend Hogwarts?" He asks. I nod. "Well, then, that's settled! I will take you to Diagon Alley tomorrow to buy your school supplies." I toss Harry his wand and ask, "Where's that, sir?" He says London. "Can we visit my family while we're there? They live in London." I say. "Oh, perfect! I was just going to suggest that we visit your family to tell them the news. Yes, we'll do that tomorrow." He says. Now I can't wait for tomorrow!

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