Isabelle Malory is a normal Muggle. She's excited for an exchange coming up with a school called Hogwarts, that she's never heard of before...but Hogwarts may be closer to home than she realizes...


1. Hogwarts

I looked at the kids around us, all dressed in black robes unlike any I've ever seen. They are holding brooms that they flew in on in their hands. How is that possible? I think to myself. I must be seeing things. A man with a long white beard steps forward to greet our principal. He holds out his hand. "Hello. My name is Albus Dumbledore. I am the headmaster of Hogwarts." he says. I poked my best friend, Kaitlin. "These kids look like goody-two-shoes. We'll show them what pranksters can do." I said. She nodded. Kaitlin and I were good at pranks and not getting caught doing them. We weren't bad kids, just liked having some fun.

Our headmaster welcomed the man and his students into our school. We started showing them around. Each of us was assigned a "buddy" that we were to show around. I got paired up with a girl my age(11) who had blond hair and a dreamy look on her face. First I showed her the gym. As we ,walked in, a fly buzzed towards us. "Oh! I didn't know that Pixleberry Teethed Cracklers were native to this area!" the girl said. "Not understanding a word she said, I looked at her in confusion. "What? That's a fly." I said. "Oh, no, it's a Pixleberry Teethed Crackler, I'm certain of it. I've seen pictures of them." the girl replied. 

"Well, I've never heard of them!" I said. "No, a Muggle like you wouldn't have." the girl said airily. This girl is full of nonsense! Muggles, Pixleberry Teethed Whatevers! What is she talking about? I thought. "And what the heck is a Muggle?" I asked. "A person that cannot do magic, like you." she replied without hesitation. "Now I KNOW you're pulling my leg." I said. She looked at me, not seeming to know what I meant. "No, that's a Crumple Horned Snorcack. They have an odd habit of grabbing peoples' legs and tugging on them. But it's still fun to go sightseeing for them, like Daddy and I do on vacation." she replied, drifting into her dreamy state again. I decided to stop arguing with her and gave another attempt at starting a polite, NORMAL conversation with her. 

"So, what's your name?" I asked. If she said that she was a Pixleberry Teethed Crackler hunter, I was going to EXPLODE. "I'm Luna Lovegood. What's your name?" she asked. I held out my hand. "Isabelle Malory. Now shall we continue the tour?" I asked. She nodded, and I began showing her around. After I was done, I went back to the cafeteria with Luna, where our principal had told us to meet. I walked over to Kaitlin.

"Have you noticed anything weird about these kids?" I asked her. She nodded vigorously. "Yes! The boy I was paired up with said that I was a "Muggle" and that because of that I "wouldn't understand" what he was talking about if he tried to explain what Hogwarts was like when I asked him about it!" Just then, the guy with the ,white beard( Fumblemore? Bubblebore?) stood up to speak. 

"I realize that many of you are confused," he nodded to us "Muggles". " So let me explain a few things. Hogwarts, where we come from, is a school of magic. If your partner said that you are a Muggle, do not take this offensively. All it means is that you are not a witch or a wizard. The students you were partnered up with are young witches and wizards. You will be sharing your dorm with them for a week before we go back to Hogwarts."

There was much muttering and chatter among us non-witches and wizards. Was he pulling all of our legs? Was this a ginormous prank? Somehow, I didn't think so. That old guy seemed pretty genuine. Somebody raised their hand. The guy nodded at him. "Sir, we don't have enough beds for them." the kid said. The man's eyes twinkled, and I felt like I could trust him. "I think you'll find that you do." he said, and all of a sudden we were all standing in our dorms, where extra beds had been placed.

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